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Truth is more dangerous than fiction and CBS Justice has every crime buff’s poison.

Need a break from scripted procedural crime shows? If you’re hungry for the real deal, CBS Justice (DStv 170) is the answer.

Since November 2019, CBS Justice has been giving South African crime buffs who’re subscribed to Premium and Compact Plus a courtside seat to real-life thrillers. Already this year, we’ve seen how far someone can be pushed before they reach their breaking point in Wives With Knives, while Evil Twins thrilled us with double the death dose.

But it doesn’t stop there. Re-enactments, interviews with anyone involved in the case, as well as comment from experts in these programmes had us glued to our screens, but there’s nothing like fresh blood to get the detective in us stirring. That’s why CBS Justice is introducing two brand-new shows this March, perfectly illustrating what makes crime and investigation content so compelling.

New this month on CBS Justice

Season 7 of Murder Made Me Famous, on CBS Justice (170) at 22:00 on weeknights from Tuesday, 24 March launches with an episode on Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar. Since 2001 he has been the subject of at least nine films and TV series, including Loving Pablo (2017). Murder Made Me Famous, hosted by crime reporter Steve Helling, takes us behind the scenes with fascinating dramatic recreations of pivotal moments in the fight to bring Escobar to justice for the role he played in over 4000 murders. But the victims and legal system have a voice too, as survivors, cops, lawyers and jurors speak out about their brush with Escobar. Other famous killers who’re coming up this season are Aileen Wuornos, nurse killer Richard Speck, and Osama Bin Laden. The insider insight comes with a nuanced look at why particular cases have captured our imaginations.

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Season 22 of 48 Hours, on CBS Justice (170) at 15:00 on weekdays from Tuesday, 3 March opens with a terrifying home invasion in which bank manager Michelle Renee and her 7-year-old daughter Breea were taken hostage by three armed gunmen during a targeted attack. Now in a personal interview, she reveals what she went through – and what she had to do to come out alive… which meant actually robbing her own bank. This episode is especially fascinating for true crime buffs, some of whom have raised red flags thanks to Michelle’s strange manner, her declaration of bankruptcy a month prior to the robbery, and the fact that she lied on her CV to land her job. There’s plenty to unpack and the 48 Hours reporters will be painstakingly working through why her case played out the way it did.

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And don’t miss

Thanks to its seaside small-town setting, season 4 of Coastal Killers, on CBS Justice (170) at 21:00 on Sundays is like a real-life version of those classic British TV detective shows – only a little more chilling because all the murder mysteries are for real. Sunshine, ice cream and holiday crowds are the last thing we’d connect with serial killer stalking grounds, but as the series host, journalist and true crime author Geoffrey Wansell (our Agatha Christie-style guide to the slaughter) will reveal, there is always “evil under the sun”. March starts with a real puzzler as wheelchair-bound Malcolm Anders claims that intruders killed his wife Linda, while the police investigation soon turns up some disturbing facts.

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