The shows DStv Family subscribers can enjoy this July

DStv has the best and brightest shows and movies that will make July sizzle - only on Family

Universal TV (117)

Bull Season 3

Dr Bull works as a trial consultant – putting his skills to the test as he helps select the right juror for his clients’ cases. He uses state of the art technology, psychology and his trained intuition to learn about the minds of the jury before they are selected. His trial analysis corporation team is trained well and prepared for anything. It includes a neurolinguistics expert, a former NYPD detective, a high-tech data hacker and his ex-brother-in-law who helps them with mock trials. 
Fridays from 3 July on Universal TV (DStv 117) at 20:00

NCIS: New Orleans Season 4

This spin-off of NCIS explores the dark underbelly of The Big Easy. Famous for its music, entertainment and night life, this is the perfect setting for a criminal syndicate to thrive. Special Agent Dwayne Pride and his team are ready to tackle any mystery. 
Thursdays from 9 July on Universal TV (DStv 117) at 20:00

National Geographic (181)

Gathering Storm Season 1

Experience storms like never before. Through an extensive network – hundreds of cameras are embedded on boats, ships and oil platforms – you will get a unique view of the planet’s fiercest storms. Hear first-hand accounts of people who work at sea inside the major hurricane zones of the world. As the storm approaches and the clock ticks down, we are with the people who regularly witness the wildest weather from all angles. 
Wednesdays from 15 July on National Geographic (DStv 181) at 21:00

Banged Up Abroad Season 13

Returning for another thrilling season, this series follows individuals as they find themselves caught on camera smuggling a wide range of illegal goods. Maybe it’s bad luck, stupidity or naivety – you will witness their foiled attempts at tricking customs officials as they delve into motivation for the trip all the way to the moment of arrest. 
Mondays from 13 July on National Geographic (DStv 181) at 20:50

VIA (147)

Ivor en die Verskilmakers

Sundays from 12 July on VIA (DStv 147) at 20:00

Minki Season 5

A talk show with the beloved Minki van der Westhuizen. She invites a variety of people who inspire her onto the show. And sometimes features surprise guests that will bring joy to your viewing. 
Wednesday from 8 July on VIA (DStv 147) at 19:30

Aansit Season 1

Fridays from 31 July on VIA (DStv 147) at 18:00

Die Britte se Taaiste Dossier

Wednesdays from 8 July on VIA (DStv 147) at 19:30

Dr. Nou Season 2

A makeover show with a difference. In the second season, Doctors Jurgen Grove and Rieke Smit work together to give people the smile of their dreams. Their amazing transformations are showcased in time for a special occasion in their lives. 
Mondays from 27 July on VIA (DStv 147) at 17:30

EVA (141)

The Bold and The Beautiful

Yes, they’re back! After 32 seasons, the Forresters, Logans and all the drama of their interconnected lives have moved to EVA. What will happen with Brooke and Ridge? Is Thomas ready for love? Will Hope and Liam’s evil plan work? You’ll have to tune in to find out. 
Weekdays from Wednesday 1 July on EVA (DStv 141) at 17:30

Valiente Amor (Brave Love)

A Peruvian telenovela revolving around the life of a couple who find love in the romantic landscape of Cuzco. But their love is short-lived when Rita discovers that Gerardo is married with a son, Alejandro. Rita discovers she is pregnant, but she swears to never tell him about his daughter, Valentina. Years later, the two step siblings meet in Lima and fall in love. What will happen when their true connection is revealed? 
Weekdays from Wednesday 1 July on EVA (DStv 141) at 16:00

La Chucara (Rebel in Love)

Set in Chile, we meet a young woman named Laura Munoz. She decides to visit her family farm after many years away. As she arrives at Saint Piedad farm, her mother and brother are excited to see her. But who is this mysterious, recently widowed man named Vicente Correa and what is his role in her life? 
Weekdays from Wednesday 1 July on EVA (DStv 141) at 15:00

Voltea Pa Que Te Enamores (Fallen Over Live)

A telenovela that will take you to magnificent Venezuela. The show stars Maria Elena Davilla, Pedro Moreno and Frances Ondiviela. 
Weekdays from Wednesday 1 July on EVA (DStv 141) at 14:00

Nicktoons (308)

Figure it Out Season 5

Can you guess the secret talents of these guests? Four stars of other Nickelodeon shows will be given clues to help them guess the secret talents of various people on the show. They will be able to use all five senses and some crafty charades to help them win. 
Mondays from 20 July on NickToons (DStv 308) at 16:55

Blue’s Clues & You

Blue is inviting you to join her on a wild adventure. Together with Josh, you can solve crazy puzzles in each episode.  
Mondays from 27 July on NickToons (DStv 308) at 09:20

Nicktoons Adventurer

Mondays from 27 July on NickToons (DStv 308) at 13:30

Corn and Peg Season 1

Welcome to Galloping Grove – home to Corn the Unicorn and Peg the Pegasus. Together, this dynamic duo works hard to make their town a better place.  
Saturdays from 4 July on NickToons (DStv 308) at 06:40

You Belong

We bring the heat with this kid-powered programme that’s filled with great new friends and fancy new places that will remind you that this is the place where you belong! 
Saturdays from 4 July on NickToons (DStv 308) at 11:55

Magical Mystical Mayhem

Enjoy two fun weeks of craziness and fun that will chase away the winter blues.  
Monday from 20 July on NickTtoons (DStv 308) at 17:40

All Sorts of Global Fun

It’s time to get ‘GLOCAL’ – our fun new word for things happening around the globe that come right into your world. We will share the fun with Spongebob’s Birthday, International Tiger Day with Kung Fu Panda vs El Tigre, and the International Day of Friendship together! 
Tuesdays from 14 July on NickToons (DStv 308) at 06:40 
Sunday Marathons:

Every Sunday, we get the best mini marathons for you to enjoy. Expect comedy animation greats like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, The X’s, Breadwinners, Spongebob SquarePants and Alvinnnn!! And the Chipmunks. 
Sundays from 5 July on NickToons (DStv 308) at 16:00

Boomerang (302)

Kingdom Force Season 1

Five mighty animals work together to protect five different animal kingdoms. Perfect for kids aged 36 years old, this fast-paced action series is the next big thing on TV. 
Mondays from 6 July on Boomerang (DStv 302) at 15:10

Boomerang Club

Wednesday mornings are the best time to spend with Boomerang. We feature the best of our line-up with Mr Bean animated, Zig & Sharko, Masha and the Bear, Moka’s Fabulous Adventures and many, many more. 
Wednesday 15 July on Boomerang (DStv 302) at 06:00 

Dogs Like Us

Get ready for back to school with all the best in Boomerang dog shows. Mike and Mighty Mike, Bentley from Taffy, Spike and Tyke and Pat the Dog. 
Monday 20 July on Boomerang (DStv 302) at 18:20

Moja Love (157)

Uthando Noxolo Season 6

Back for another awesome season, this show is not for the faint of heart. Watch real-life stories of regret and requests for forgiveness as people acknowledge how much pain was caused by their past actions.  
Saturdays from 4 July on Moja Love (DStv 157) at 21:30

Growing Up Hip Hop

Being the child of a hip-hop legend is not as easy as it seems. We see the struggles as they try to step out of their famous family’s shadows and create their own future. Master P, Damon Dash and Angela Simmons make appearances in this heart-felt family drama.

Vuzu (116)

Thursdays from 2 July on Vuzu (DStv 116) at 21:00

David Makes Man Season 1

Haunted by the death of his friend, David must make his way out of the “Projects” and break the shackles of poverty. Given a rare 100% on Rotten Tomatoes, this is a show worth watching. 
Saturdays from 25 July on Vuzu (DStv 116) at 20:00

Insecure Season 4

An African American woman tackling that tough transition from her twenties to her thirties with all the troubles of modern day. Join Issa, Condola and Molly on this poignant journey through friendship, love, and career dramas. This season we find out if the long-awaited Block Party will bring more hurt than joy to some. And what happens when Lawrence decides to change his mind? 
Saturdays from 4 July Vuzu (DStv 116) at 21:00

Mzansi Wethu (163)

The Somizi & Mohale Union

Expect a wedding like no other. Guaranteed to be filled with glitz and glamour, follow the love story of South African celebrities Somizi and Mohale. We get some personal insights – from their first date to planning not one, but two big wedding celebrations.

 Mzansi Wethu (DStv 163) 

TNT (137)

Escape from Pretoria

Get ready to see the former Harry Potter in a new light. Daniel Radcliff tackles a South African accent in a prison break story based on a true story. Set during apartheid, two white South Africans have been imprisoned for helping the African National Congress (ANC). They must work an intricate plan to escape the white man’s version of Robben Island – Pretoria Prison. 
Saturday 4 July on TNT (DStv 137) at 20:00