tlnovelas comes to DStv

The channel, which hosts the most successful telenovelas within the Televisa Group, launches 14 September on DStv 133.

DStv customers, get ready for some thrilling entertainment as Televisa Networks and MultiChoice Group launch a brand new pop-up channel on DStv.

tlnovelas, launching Monday 14 September at 17:40 on DStv 133, hosts the most successful telenovelas from the Televisa Group’s more than 800 titles. Available until August 2021, the channel is open to all DStv Premium, Compact Plus, Compact and Family customers.

Telenovela paradise

tlnovelas aims to delight DStv customers with stories that will captivate them through compelling plots that will certainly drive unique emotional connections with viewers. From young adults, women, men and even children, there is a story for everyone to enjoy. The channel explores various genres, from romantic comedies, epic dramas and binge-worthy stories for the young and old. Programming of tlnovelas include great stories such as “Teresa”, “My Heart is Yours” (Mi Corazón es Tuyo), “Passion and Power” (Pasión y Poder) and “Fooled into Love” (Amores con Trampa), not forgetting the flagship show “Love Spell” (Sortilegio) which will premiere on the day of launch.

“As Africa’s most-loved storyteller, we are unwavering in our commitment to ensure that we continue to find the best available content and stories to delight our customers, both now and into the future. We endeavour to deliver both world-class international content as well as the very best in local content, giving our loyal customers a never-ending selection of outstanding entertainment,” says Yolisa Phahle, MultiChoice Group CEO for General Entertainment and Connected Video.

This channel launch showcases the growing value of tlnovelas brand worldwide, with the English version of tlnovelas, Televisa continues its position as a leader in the Pay-TV market by offering content with the best quality” said Fernando Muñiz, General Director of Televisa Networks and Televisa International. And added: “We continue to experience rapid growth all over the world due to partnerships with outstanding media players, such as Multichoice, and we are excited to take the next step of this expansion around the world.”

Your new favourite shows await


1. Fooled into Love

The Carmonas live a simple and peaceful rural life at a village in Mexico’s inland and they own one of the biggest mines of the region. They are forced to move to the city after the government pays them good money for their huge land. On arriving at the city, they must deal with several situations inherent to the adaptation process in the metropolis and at the same time, family conflicts when some of its members want to go back to the quiet rural life in which they grew up.


2. Wild at Heart

Wild at Heart is a remake of the 1994 Mexican telenovela, Marimar. Viewers are introduced to Maricruz Olivares, who lives with Ramiro, her maternal grandfather, and Solita, who is unable to hear and who was found abandoned, by her mom and her grandpapa when she was a baby. She lives in an informal settlement located in the middle of nature, near the Narvaéz's ranch property line owned by siblings Miguel and Octavio. Octavio is a pilot and arrives in the ranch in need of money since he has lost his job and wants the lands to be sold. He doesn't imagine that soon he will forget this purpose and will discover that the earth, the sowing and sharing with the workmen become a source of passion for him.


3. Love Spell

Victoria had an affair with her husband Samuel's, friend, Antonio Lombardo, resulting in the birth of twins, Bruno and Raquel. Antonio also had a son, Alejandro, with his wife Adriana. After their respective spouses passed away, they reunited and got married. However, they didn't tell their children that they are half-siblings, as that would reveal their infidelities. Instead they raised their children to recognize each other as step-siblings.

Years pass, and Bruno comes to be an irresponsible man who does not respect laws. Alejandro, on the other hand, is very responsible. Antonio prefers Alejandro over Bruno and decides that Alejandro should inherit his money when he passes away. Antonio and Victoria have a meeting at Bruno's high school about Bruno's behavior and are told that he is expelled. While leaving the school, Antonio is run over and killed. Thus begins a story of intrigue, sibling hatred and rivalry, two sons in love with and fighting for the love of the same women, corporate espionage, and twin sisters torn apart by circumstance.


4. A Beloved Man

Odorico Cienfuegos (Jesús Ochoa) is a politician who wins the elections for the prefecture of a small municipality called Loreto, under the promise of building a new cemetery. To obtain this position, he counts on the help of three sisters: Justina (Chantal Andere), Dulcina (Nora Salinas), Santina (Irán Castillo), with whom he maintains a secret relationship.

But in spite of this conflict, Odorico's greatest problem is his daughter Valeria (Mariluz Bermúdez), who returns to the town and falls madly in love with Leon Serrano (Mark Tacher), the new doctor of the region. Valeria and Leon met in Mexico City after Valeria had an overdose from alcohol. Leon quickly becomes Odorico's enemy. Odorico, obsessed with the famous cemetery, quickly needs someone to die. However, no case of death has been recorded in recent times, causing Odorico to use every chance he has to tell a depressed citizen, such as Liborio, who is abandoned by his wife several times, that there a funeral is coming.

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