TV fit for toddlers all the way to teens

DStv has age appropriate content for kids that is guaranteed to keep them entertained in 2019.

DStv has something for the whole family and that includes our tiny toddlers.

TV fit for toddlers

What to watch on the weekends

Harry and His Bucket Full of Dinosaurs

By using the  power of his bucket full of dinosaurs, Harry can travel with his dinosaurs to an amazing land of imagination called Dino World.

Watch every weekend at 9:00 on JimJam (310)

What to watch on weekdays


Monchhichi invites viewers inside the dream tree factory, a magical place where the sweetest dreams are made. Follow the Monchhichi as they create pleasant dreams, while recognising the positivity of individual differences.

Watch every weekeday at 16:15 on JimJam (310)

My Animal Friends – Underwater Mission

In these amazing underwater stories, we meet all our favourite sea creatures and explore their watery homes.

Watch every weekday at 17:00 on JimJam (310)

Top picks for Monday 21 January

Top Wing

Follow the team of eager young birds that are training at the Top Wing Academy to earn their wings. To become the birds of their dreams, they must work together to master their lessons.

Watch at 9:15 on NickToons (308)

Perfect for preschoolers

Top picks for Monday 7 January

Kit and Pup

Animation and live action join to introduce simple conceptual ideas to preschool children. Each colourful episode sees the contrasting characters of Kit and Pup appear in animated sketches and alongside real-life children.

Watch at 15:20 on CBeebies (306)

My World Kitchen

This cookery show sees talented young cooks celebrate their heritage. Each episode, a child shows how to cook a favourite dish from their country or culture.

Watch at 17:00 on CBeebies (306)

Top picks for Saturday 12 January

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Super Adventure

Professor Von Drake has invented a machine that can turn the Clubhouse Gang into Clubhouse Heroes! This happens after Mickey discovers a villain named Megamort.

Watch at 17:30 on Disney Junior (309)

Top picks for Sunday 13 January

Jake and the Never Land Pirates: Battle for the Book

Michael and John love listening to Wendy’s tales of Neverland, but Hook hates the stories of his defeat, so he decides to steal Wendy’s storybook.

Watch at 17:30 on Disney Junior (309)

Top picks for Monday 28 January


This adorable animation features Teo, a nine-year-old boy with a special secret – every time he sneezes, he turns into an animal. But he can’t control his sneezes and he can’t
tell which kind of animal he will turn into. This results in all sorts of trouble for poor Teo.

Watch at 15:10 on NickToons (308)

Irresistible for inbetweeners

What to watch on weekdays

Rugrats Preschool Daze

Angelica Pickles and Susie Carmichael are little toddlers in preschool and their days are filled with wonderful and curious moments. Will this be Angelica’s chance to finally live out her name, or will she continue to be the naughty girl we’ve come to know and love?

Watch at 05:00 on NickToons (308)

Saturday 5 January

Lincoln’s Three Best New Year Resolutions

This year, Lincoln (from The Loud House) is promising to survive living with 10 sisters and only one bathroom. And he is determined to behave himself and to cherish his friends and family! Will he be able to keep all his New Year’s resolutions?

Watch at 17:30 on Nickelodeon (305)

Monday 7 January

The New Looney Tunes

Join your favourite Looney characters such as Bugs and Lola Bunny as they are chased around the globe after accidentally creating an invisibility perfume.

Watch at 18:30 on Boomerang (302)

Monday 14 January

Oggy and the Cockroaches

The struggle never stops between Oggy and the Cockroaches in all-new episodes. Be amazed by the creative ideas that Oggy comes up with to catch the nasty little critters!

Watch at 15:35 on Boomerang (302)

Monday 14 January

The Loud House

After witnessing an excessive amount of lying in the family, child genius Lisa invents lie-detecting glasses to try and curb the fibs. Meanwhile, Lola discovers that gloomy Lucy has an old doll and decides she must borrow it – no matter what Lucy says.

Watch at 15:45 on Nickelodeon (305)

Monday 21 January

Spongebob Squarepants

There’s never a dull moment in Bikini Bottom. When the Krusty Krab runs out of mustard, Mr Krabs sends SpongeBob, Patrick and Squidward to dig up some more.

Watch at 14:10 on Nickelodeon (305)

Thursday 31 January

Scooby-Doo and Friends

It’s a jam-packed January for Scooby-Doo and the gang. In Scooby-Doo! and Kiss: Rock and Roll Mystery, Fred, Daphne, Velma, Shaggy and Scooby-Doo are faced with some seriously “out of this world” events as they investigate a haunted dimension at an amusement park called Kiss World. The gang are there to watch Kiss perform at a big Halloween festival, but the event goes haywire when the Crimson Witch terrorises them.

Watch at 07:55 on Boomerang (302)

TV for tweens

Tuesday 1 January

Pop Up Party 2: Special Stunt Tune-in

Groove your way into the New Year with talented young African dancers who will express themselves through several exciting challenges. Plus, tune in to
a special stunt featuring Teen Titans Go!, Regular Show and SuperNoobs!

Watch at 15:40 on Cartoon Network (301)

Saturday 12 January


Students from Zombietown are transferred to a high school in a suburban town preoccupied with uniformity, traditions and pep rallies. Will they be able to conform to their new ‘hood?

Watch at 11:50 on Disney Channel (303)

Monday 14 January

Penny on M.A.R.S

Penny and her friend Camilla secretly decide to audition for top music and arts school M.A.R.S. Penny is fascinated with a mysterious young singer.

Watch at 15:35 on Disney Channel (303)

Saturday 19 January

OK K.O.! Let’s Be Heroes

This season is full of shocks, juicy scoops and epic battles. From Rad and Enid’s transformations following their time-skip journey through to K.O.’s moments of deep self-awareness, the quest to become the greatest hero is never over.

Watch at 16:55 on Cartoon Network (301)