Water, crime & war in Factual series DStv, 11-17 June

DStv’s factual series this week play detective to uncover the truth about the age of the Pharaohs, serial killers, the water crisis and the roots of war – this week on DStv

Youth Day (Wednesday, 16 June) is of great significance in South Africa as we honour those who fell during the Soweto Uprising in 1976 and celebrate the power of the youth to bring about real change.

They say understanding the past is key to humanity’s ability to make better decisions for future generations. So DStv has a host of awesome, thought-provoking factual content this week – about the environment, criminal behaviour and world-changing historical moments and movements.

Day Zero is a 2-episode doccie about the global water crisis that reveals 1 of the key things we can do to leave our children a planet worth inheriting. 2 great true-crime series dig into the truth about what killers do to the communities who help to create them in The Real Manhunter and The Night Caller. And the History channel’s special doccies, Legends of The PharaohsHitler’s Gold and Battleships, take us into the past to understand everything from ancient lives, to the choices that people make that lead to war, and the fate of those who fight.

And if you just want something to watch in wonder, there are 3 documentaries about eagles on Curiosity Channel’s (DStv channel 185) Wildlife Wednesday.

Looking for more factual entertainment? Check out a few of our top picks here. And for more snack-sized info on DStv’s biggest shows, check out #OhSnack on the DStv YouTube Channel.

History & herstory

True crime time


The Night Caller S1

Peaceful Perth society in 1960s Australia wasn’t prepared for what happened when a serial killer exploded onto the scene. This cleverly structured 4-episode true-crime documentary series examines the trail of destruction caused not just by the killer himself, but the public and police’s reaction to the killing spree, and the legacy of trauma, fear and distrust that resulted from 2 wrongful imprisonments, cover-ups, lies and discrimination. Members of the community, survivors and the killer’s and victims’ families take us inside the terror.

Watch from Sunday, 13 June on CBS Justice (DStv channel 170) at 20:00

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The Real Manhunter S1

Detective Chief Inspector Colin Sutton’s name is associated with the arrest and conviction of serial killer Levi Bellfield and “Night Stalker” Delroy Grant, but he did so much more in the course of his 30-year career. In this series, Sutton revisits cases he led and takes viewers through everything from the crime itself, to the moment that led to a suspect being identified and arrested. We’ll see key locations, and Sutton will explain how he and his team managed to gather enough evidence to secure a conviction.

Watch from Monday, 14 June on CBS Justice (DStv channel 170) at 19:00 (continues weekdays until 25 June)

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Humans & nature

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