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Thato Rampedi and Toast with Naledi are bringing you everything new and fresh in #Hotspot, DStv’s brand new YouTube segment. Subscribe to our channel now and turn on your post notifications to catch brand new episodes every Monday, Tuesday and Thursday.

What do you get when you pair Africa’s Greatest Storyteller with some of the most talented content creators in the country? The official voice of what’s not and what’s not in entertainment right now.

And that’s exactly what DStv is bringing to you with our latest YouTube segment, #Hotspot. Hosted by a variety of YouTube content creators, #Hotspot is the place to be to learn more about the latest DStv content and the storylines that make them epic!

Each week, content creators handpicked by DStv will be taking you through some of the top shows available on our platform and showcasing these programmes in their own style. First up, we have the hilarious Thato Rampedi.


Thato Rampedi is no stranger to YouTube viewers. The University of Pretoria Industrial and Systems Engineering Graduate has been making waves on the platform since joining in 2017, attracting more than 81 000 subscribers to his channel in that time.

"I am a young creator who loves to entertain," he says. "The content I create is based on things we are all going through or will experience one day. In fact, my audience always tells me they enjoy my content because they see their own lives through me. I'm real and I stick to being myself," he says.

As the first host of #Hotspot, Thato is looking forward to delivering relatable, fresh, light-hearted and high-energy content that offers viewers a great way to learn more about DStv's content without watching a trailer. "I'm extremely passionate and dedicated to my craft. My content is relatable and entertaining, so expect some laughter! Thato Rampedi never disappoints and my audience can attest to that," he says.

5 Things you didn't know about Thato

  1. He changed his degree twice. From Computer Engineering and Mechanical and finally landing on Industrial Engineering. "I graduated this year so halala!" Thato says.
  2. He didn't grow up wanting to be in the content creation space. "I always thought I wanted to be an Accountant!"
  3. He recorded all of his YouTube videos on a phone for the first two years.
  4. He started off his channel by reacting to music videos but is now a certified Vlogger and storyteller.
  5. He hates bananas and milk can kill him, he says.

From 14 June 2021, Toast with Naledi will be bringing her positive energy and infectious smile to #Hotspot. The YouTube star, who has more than 51 000 subscribers on her popular YouTube channel, reveals that her followers often say her content is like finding a friend or a sister they never knew they had. “I will laugh with you, learn with you and we will even be sad together, but through it all we will grow,” she says.

Speaking on the launch of the new segment, Naledi says #Hotspot is not just for DStv customers. “Even if you don’t have DStv, you can still enjoy #Hotspot as we will bring you up to speed on the shows everyone is talking about, so you won’t feel left out.”

As for why you should turn on your post notifications and check out #Hotspot, Naledi gives a shout-out to the creator with whom she’ll be launching this segment. “Thato is a ball of energy!” Naledi says. “#Hotspot is also a quick and fast way to catch up on your favourite shows. We’ll be watching shows together so it feels like home, and viewers will get to see a different perspective of some of their favourite programmes,” she says.


5 Things you didn’t know about Toast with Naledi

  1. She will never eat fruit that someone else has touched/peeled
  2. She was head girl in high school
  3. She can instantly memorise any phone number
  4. She can sing, but will never sing in public
  5. She entered a lot of beauty pageants as a toddler and won (but says she really disliked participating in them).

Catch #Hotspot every Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from 17:15 on DStv’s YouTube channel. Be sure to subscribe to our channel and turn on your post notifications so you never miss a moment.


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