What the stars of SA are watching during lockdown

Find out what the stars of SA are watching while they’re in lockdown and get a little inspiration for your next #KeepItRemote with DStv indulgence.

Lockdown has given many people the opportunity to enjoy a little more time watching the shows and movies they love. We asked a few of SA’s stars what they’re watching during lockdown.

Mandla N reimagines the world as we know it

Mandla N is known as the mastermind behind Lockdown – the epic, gritty series on Mzansi Magic (ch. 161), Mondays at 20:00 and also available on Catch Up, not the thing we’re all doing where we stay inside to stop the spread of a global pandemic!

He’s into the controversial reimagining of the world as we know it, Noughts + Crosses saying, “It is a beautiful story, told so well. It’s a combination of local and British cast and crew and was shot in South Africa.” The show stars Masali Baduza, the Cape Town based actress who also played Thandi in Trackers and Bonnie Henna, known for her roles in Invictus and Catch a Fire. He added, “I understand it was rejected and passed on many times, much like Lockdown which was rejected four times.” Check out Noughts + Crosses on M-Net (ch. 101), Thursdays at 22:00, also available on Catch Up.

Kate Liquorish keeps it local during lockdown

Kate Liquorish plays Abi, the A-Type lead character in the spectacular M-Net Original, Still Breathing. Though she starts out a victim in the story, as the forces in her life stack up against her, so she finds a strength she didn’t know she had. If you haven’t started watching Still Breathing, now is your chance, all the episodes are available on Catch Up.

Kate is indulging her love of local movies with; Beyond the River, Matwetwe, Kanarie and A United Kingdom as well as her love of international series with; The Deuce, The Handmaid’s Tale and Modern Family.

Tiffany Barbuzano and her family are cooking up a storm

The Barbuzanos are staying safe, sanitised and trying to stay positive during difficult times by seeing the time they’re spending together as a gift. They’re enjoying the pop-up channel that makes learning so cool, you hardly even realise you’re doing it, DaVinci (ch. 318), the Animania Festival on M-Net Movies Smile (ch. 105) – click here to meet the Zanies and find out what’s up next, Disney Channel (ch. 303) and Food Network (ch. 175); where you can get inspiration for the next meal (is that lockdown meal number 6, 822 – we’ve lost count?) or fun baking projects to do with the kids.

Remember to check out the fantastic kids shows and movies on Catch Up on DStv Now, including; brand-new - Just Roll With It, new episodes of Henry Danger, Wild Kratts, Shaun the Sheep and many, many more.


Nay Maps is getting some inspiration.

Nay Maps’ character in The Queen, Dingane, is handsome, charming, ambitious and traditional. He has always idolised his father Brutus. Dingane finally has the relationship he has always wanted with his father and seems to have found his ideal fit with the family drug business. He has even hit it off with Kagiso and Kea, and occasionally shares relationship advice with them. A family man but dangerous, he is in the drug business after all and they do whatever it takes to stay out of Jail.

Nay Map’s choice of TV during lockdown may serve as inspiration for what Dingane plans next; Lockdown, Gomora, Black-ish, Power and then a lot of movies 🎥 🍿

Nico and Nicole are ‘surviving’ lockdown with a healthy dose of reality and a bit of a binge

Mother, business-owner and Mrs. South Africa 2018 Nicole Capper notoriously left Survivor SA after a brutal tribal council. Now, safely tucked away at home with family, she is enjoying some great reality TV with Masterchef Australia, which is also one of her daughter’s favourites, The Bachelor South Africa and hot, hot, hot M-Net Original, Still Breathing on M-Net (ch. 101), Thursdays at 20:00 and also available on Catch Up.

Survivor host, Nico Panagio, is resisting the urge to do jumping jacks in his lounge, undergoing a silvering and looking at the silver lining to lockdown by keeping it locked on M-Net (ch. 101) for Still Breathing, The Bachelor South Africa, Grey’s Anatomy and Masterchef Australia. He’s also binging all the very best shows and documentaries from HBO on M-Net Binge – The Home of HBO (ch. 114) as he reckons that after lockdown we are going to go back to wishing we had the time to do what we have the time to do right now - so #KeepItRemote with DStv!


Nicole Fortuin (Rage, Alles Malan, Flatland)

Nicole Fortuin - whose previous film, Flatland, opened the Berlin Panorama in 2019 - stars as Tamsyn, in the new Showmax Original film, Rage. In Rage, a group of school-leavers descend on a tiny coastal town for a celebration of their freedom. During a psychedelic trip on the beach, the friends witness a disturbing birth ritual, which could be a hallucination, or not.

Nicole’s lockdown list includes her friend Masali Baduza in Noughts + Crosses, which is based on the book that was a favourite of hers growing up. She’s indulging Zumbo’s Just Desserts and Sugar Rush as she finds marvelling in their beautiful creations comforting and a great excuse for eating all the sweet things she’s enjoying during lockdown. We recommend you try Mary Berry’s Quick Cooking, the doyenne of visits Rome for the first time and whips up some irresistible dishes!

Photo credit: Acting Aside.

The stars of Celebrity Game Night are breathing through the wound

Brand-new episodes of Celebrity Game Night are coming to E! (ch. 124) from 19 April at 21:00, so set a reminder and enjoy the madness! This comes with the HUGE news that E! will be available on DStv Compact from 14 April. DStv Compact subscribers can now tune into Celebrity Game Night as well as the brand-new season of Keeping Up With the Kardashians.

Funny man and resident comedian on Celebrity Game Night; Jason Goliath is sticking with his firm favourite, Comedy Central (ch. 122) as well as Black Tax on BET (ch. 129), Top Gear on BBC Brit (ch. 120) and Street Outlaws on Discovery Channel (ch. 121)

SAFTA-nominated host with the most; Anele Mdoda is indulging in the Masterchef Australia and is about to start watching Still Breathing, she says, “I hear only good things about it and I am huge Tiffany Barbuzano fan.”

Siphesihle Ndaba is checking in with the doctors

Siphesile recently exploded onto our screens in Gomora as Mazet, the gorgeous and dangerous Alex girl, who tempts Ntokozo into a life of crime. She went to work for Mam’Sonto and found the mother figure she never had at home.

“I want to tell stories that haven’t been told. I want to portray work that is proudly South African and that is what I enjoy about Gomora. It is the reality of many South Africans. Viewers can expect a lot of rawness and authenticity.”


Gomora tops Siphesile’s lockdown list, followed by Lockdown, and then she’s making sure she’s #KeepingItRemote and staying healthy with the doctors on Grey’s Anatomy, The Resident and Chicago Med. She’s also keeping it light with classic comedies; My Wife and Kids and The Fresh Prince of Belair on BET (ch. 129).

Sicelo Buthelezi listening to music

Teddy is the sweetheart of Gomora, the lost little boy that it took a village to raise. His alcoholic mother cannot care for him so Gladys and Melusi took him in, making the ill-fated Ntokozo his brother. He finds himself between a rock and a hard place as he learns more about the truth behind the hijacking and struggles to decide what the right thing to do is. Sicelo isn’t struggling with deciding what to watch during lockdown though, Lockdown tops his list, along with tuning into Channel O (ch. 320) for the #LockdownHouseparty, every Friday and Saturday and binging The Republic on Showmax.

Amakele Qamata is Keeping Up with the Kardashians

Another Gomora favourite is Amakele Qamata, who plays Thati’s daughter Buhle, the popular, beautiful queen of the in-crowd, in Gomora. She is a Keeping Up with the Kardashians on E! (ch. 124) fan. She’s also fascinated by My 600LB Life on TLC (ch. 135), we recommend checking out 1000-lb Sisters, also from TLC. Then when she’s hanging with her fam, they’re watching Our Perfect Wedding and Date My Family on Mzansi Magic (ch. 161).


The stars of Binnelanders are looking to nature

Je-ani Swiegelaar aka Naomi is the biggest Boer Soek ‘n Vrou fan, “I’m going to be the presenter one day, so I need to know what to expect”. Grey’s Anatomy is another of her favourites, along with Masterchef Australia, “This is when I have my best spinning sessions, because then I don’t have such bad cravings for the food. Plus, it’s ordinary people with an extraordinary talent!”

Germandt Geldenhuys aka Louis’ favourite kykNET shows are Binnelanders and Die Byl but he also loves watching anything related to predator vs prey on National Geographic Wild (ch. 182) or BBC Earth (ch. 184). We recommend; Great Parks of Africa, Seven Worlds, One Planet, Spy in the Wild and Snakes in the City.

Cindy Swanepoel aka Annelise is a softy for The Bachelor South Africa, “It’s one of my favourite shows – the viewer goes on a journey with love as the end destination. I enjoy watching the show from a producer’s point of view – it always amazes me how they managed to identify the girls who will work perfectly for the show.” She continues, “I like food, so Master Chef is another one of my favourites. I like seeing how creative people can be in the kitchen and the end results of the dishes they prepare.”

The intrepid Carte Blanche anchors are binging

Claire Mawisa, who is enduring lockdown on her own, is binging HGTV (ch. 177) as she’s obsessed with seeing how people put their beautiful homes together.

Derek Watts and his family are obsessed with The Chase on iTV Choice (ch. 123), “to keep the grey matter stimulated and the funny bone tickled”.

Masa Kekana, aka news junkie, ensures she stays on top of what’s going on in the world by watching all the 24-hour DStv news coverage from channels 400 to 407. When taking a break from the news, Masa enjoys some local flavour with 1Magic’s popular and award-winning series The River, M-Net’s hit reality dating show, The Bachelor SA, Young Sheldon as well as binge-watching the classic series Sex and The City on M-Net Binge – The Home of HBO (ch. 114). Kekana reveals that prior to lockdown, she’d never seen a single episode of Game of Thrones but she’s now a superfan, thanks to M-Net Binge pop-up channel.

Presenter and journalist Macfarlane Moleli is a fan of ‘Mission Impossible’ movies, so he took advantage of the M-Net’s Tom Cruise pop-up channel which ended on April 5 but the many of the movies are still available on Catch Up. For a deep dive into detailed reports and facts about COVID-19, tune in to Carte Blanche every Sunday at 19:00 M-Net (ch. 101)

Jason Greer is catching up

Host of The Bachelor South Africa, Jason Greer has presented a number of successful shows, including M-Net’s award-winning All Access and the popular game show Spellbound. Jason is also the narrator on M-Net’s wedding show, The Wedding Bashers. He’s taking the time to catch up on his favourite shows on DStv.


Marciel Hopkins is all about the movies

Marciel Hopkins, the new presenter on kykNET’s hit reality, dating show; Boer Soek ‘n Vrou and her partner love to watch movies on DStv Catch Up over weekends, with recent favourites including; Peppermint, Submergence, Kidnap, Wonderlus, Spotlight and I, Tonya.

“My current obsession is Projek Dina on kykNET, as I love the suspense and intrigue the show offers.”


As you may or may not know, Marciel aspires to be a contestant on Survivor SA one day. “The psychologist in me is fascinated with the human interactions under challenging circumstances,” she explains.

“I loved Alles Malan that was on kykNET! It was shot in my home town, Paarl, which made it extra special. Other kykNET favourites are; BravoFynskrif, Reis na Gister en Tyd met Aleit.”


Beer Arendse takes a walk on the dark side

Beer Adriaanse makes his feature film directorial debut with the very scary movie; Parable, premiering on Showmax. He wrote, directed and acted in Buurtwag, was nominated for a SAFTA for co-writing Hotel; and has starred in everything from Fynskrif to HotelKanarie to Wonderlus, which earned him the Silwerskerm award for Best Supporting Actor.

Beer’s lockdown indulgences are as diverse as his CV, and not surprisingly stretch the gambit from the hilarious to deeply disturbing and he’s a big fan of binging so he’s digging into Outcast, a dark show about a disgrace demon hunter, “I love the way this show has steeped their story in demon-lore and imbues every frame with evil.”

He hasn’t lost his comedy roots though as he embraces Bob’s Burgers, “I love the little world they've created, it just might be the most loveable family on television at the moment. The youngest kid, Louise, is my spirit animal.” And he’s revisiting High Maintenance, “Watching it for a 2nd time. It's a series of short and striking vignettes of humans living their strange lives in New York City with the only golden thread being a weed dealer on a bike that weaves in and out of their lives. It's a great humanistic endeavour and I so hope someone can someday catch the patchwork quilt of different South Africans in all their glory and faults like these guys do.”

Jane De Wet takes on the starring role in Beer’s Showmax Original horror; Parable. She plays Esther, a teenage girl forced into gay conversion therapy. When a famous lay preacher, Reverend Randal Day , accidentally conjures a demonic spirit while trying to ‘cure’ her, he tries to hide his mistake in a church house deep within a security complex. The gated community is home to Kasper, a slacker with a recently tarnished reputation, who starts getting dream visits from the missing girl in the news - and she wants his help to escape…

Fleur du Cap winner Michael Richard (Still Breathing, Disgrace) and newcomer Jay Hlatshwayo co-star as Reverend Day and Kasper respectively, with Carla Classen (Stroomop, Fiela Se Kind) as Lina, Thapelo Aphiri (Scandal) as Julian, and Danny Meaker as Loyd.

We’d love to hear who or what is keeping you company during lockdown so why not Tweet @DStv with the #KeepItRemote and let us know – you could stand a chance win data!