What to watch on DStv Family in June

June is filled with fun and all kinds of fascinating content for DStv Family customers.


EVA (141)

The Bold and the Beautiful S31

Fashion’s first family, the glamorous Forresters from Los Angeles, have become the world’s most-watched daily serial daytime drama over the past three decades. Follow the daily drama, along with over 35 million people in more than 100 countries worldwide, with the new 31st season. Scheming and conniving, betrayals and confessions – including an emotional Brooke – are all part of the ongoing daily romances and rivalries between the Forrester, Logan and Spencer families!
Monday 1 June on EVA (141) at 17:30

Universal TV (117)

Nurses S1

For the first time ever you can see life inside a Canadian hospital where absolutely everything can change in a heartbeat. In this brand-new and dramatic Canadian medical drama series a group of female and male nurses try to save lives while their personal lives are actually just as much on life-support similar to the patients they care for. Follow the turbulent private lives and the hurried emergencies in a Toronto hospital’s corridors where Grace, Nazneen, Wolf, Keon and Ashley struggle to help patients and each other.
Tuesday 2 June on Universal TV (117) at 20:00

Cartoon Network (301)

Moa Moa: Heroes of Pure Heart S1

Mao Mao: Heroes of Pure Heart follows the heroic and often haphazard efforts of Sheriff Mao Mao, cyborg slacker Badgerclops and the adorable sidekick Adorabat as they fight monstrous villains and everything in between. This brand-new show comes to Cartoon Network (301) and falls under DStv’s School of Laughter, a platform created to entertain kids of all ages.
Monday 15 June on Cartoon Network (301) at 15:55

VIA (147)

Mal, mooi Troues S1

In this brand-new Afrikaans lifestyle show starting this month, the lovely and talented Lynzie Kent and her team work together to create the most beautiful wedding receptions. Lynzie uses the wedding couple’s romantic love stories as the inspiration to craft very special weddings for her clients – with phenomenal results!
Monday 1 June on VIA (147) at 17:30

Konings van Kitskos S5

The presenting duo of actor Alvin Bruinders and singer Gerhard Steyn are back for a 5th season of this Afrikaans lifestyle food show that is all about fast food. They drop by a whole new crop of fascinating South African restaurants and fast food places. They meet die owners and chefs, taste the delicious menu items and take viewers on a delicious journey to good fast food and wonderful characters inside restaurant kitchens you never knew existed.
Tuesday 2 June on VIA (147) at 17:30

Maklik Met Marinda S5

The colourful chef Marinda Engelbrecht is back for a 5th season of her Afrikaans cooking show and she once again ventures out to help and turn hapless kitchen can’t do’s into kitchen can’s. In every episode she visits the kitchens of people who truly struggle to make meals and show them easy, step-by-step recipes to create sumptuous dishes using just a few ingredients from the cupboard they probably already have. Marinda shares her best instant meal recipes and ideas on what else you can put on the table without breaking the budget.
Wednesday 3 June on VIA (147) at 17:30

Die Bruid Boetiek S1

Getting married and need some help to go from drab to fab? The South African wedding stylist Diaan Daniels is back on VIA as the presenter of this brand-new Afrikaans lifestyle reality series. The bridal designer of Diaan Daniels Couture helps couples getting married in this new series to find the perfect looks and outfits for their big day. Brides, grooms, bridesmaids, moms and even matric girls looking for matric farewell dresses are all getting fashion help and advice from Diaan and his glam squad to look their best.
Thursday 4 June on VIA (147) at 17:30

Ons Praat Oor: Ottolenghi se Fees S2

Yotam Ottolenghi is an Israeli-English chef, restaurateur, and food writer and he’s back for a second season in this lifestyle and food series to share some of the secrets of his best recipes. As the co-owner of multiple delis and restaurants in London, as well as the author of several best-selling cookbooks, Yotam knows good food and isn’t shy about sharing his tips and tricks on helping you to make your homemade meals taste better too.
Wednesday 10 June on VIA (147) at 19:30


VUZU (116)

The Simpsons S31

“The Simp-soooons!” The latest 31st season revolving around Springfield’s iconic yellow family is starting first on VUZU this month with new episodes every weekday of the 22-episode season. As usual you can get ready for an avalanche of special celebrity appearances ranging from John Legend who will sing a song (his wife Chrissy Teigen also appears), as well as Jason Momoa, Jane Goodall, Jim Parsons and Lilly Singh to name-drop just a few! There is the “Treehouse of Horror XXX'' episode, mom Marge who sets limits on family screen time only to become addicted herself, and Lisa who gets bullied by other 8-year olds and who are voiced by the Riverdale stars Camila Mendes, Madelaine Petsch and Lili Reinhart.
Monday 1 June on VUZU (116) at 18:30

Mighty Mustangs S2

The goal-kicking girls are back for a second season of this Australian teen comedy series about an unlikely all-girls soccer team who are not just scoring goals but battling stereotypes in order to be taken seriously by their parents, their competitors, peers and the league. Watch out for a new episode every weekday as Marnie (Emmanuella Mattana) refuses to give up on her dreams and the Mustangs refuse to be pushed to the sidelines.
Wednesday 3 June on VUZU (116) at 22:00


Growing Up Hip Hop S1

When your parent is famous, growing up is hard – especially if mom or dad were or are a hip-hop artist. This reality show follows the intriguing lives of a group of friends who all have something in common: a parent in hip-hop. Can the next generation of American hip-hop royalty outshine where their parents have gone before and if they can, how do they do it? What ingenuity, effort and dedication will it take? Follow the model and fashion designer Angela Simmons (daughter of Run-D.M.C.’s Rev Run), musician Romeo Miller (son of Master P), entrepreneur Damon “Boogie” Dash (son of record exec Damon Dash), and singer Kristinia DeBarge (daughter of James DeBarge) as they make their way in the world. Also in the mix, so to speak, are DJ T.J. Mizell (son of Run-D.M.C.’s Jam Master Jay) and the aspiring singer Egypt Criss (daughter of Salt-N-Pepa’s Pepa and Treach from Naughty by Nature).
Friday 5 June on VUZU (116) at 20:00

The Voice S17

The 17th season of the American singing talent search competition kicks off with double episodes on Sundays this month. Carson Daly is back as the host, with John Legend, Kelly Clarkson and Blake Shelton who are back as the coaches in the red swivel-chairs. Look out for Gwen Stefani who is back for another season as coach as well, replacing Adam Levine. The Knockout rounds are back as well, and the show is returning to the coaches all having one Knockout steal, instead of a steal and a save. Taylor Swift is the “mega-mentor” and you’ll want to see the spectacular “More Than Words” season opener of Carson on guitar and the coaches to sing in the season.
Sunday 14 June on VUZU (116) at 17:00

Finding the One S1

In this local South African reality dating show friends and family become the matchmakers. Those who know lovelorn people best, are roped in to show their matchmaking powers, finding and choosing the best candidates in this new blind-dating reality series. See how this show puts a fresh spin on traditional dating approaches and turns the search for love into a team sport where family members, colleagues and friends join in the matchmaking fun.
Monday 22 June on VUZU (116) at 22:00


Ready to Love S1

Tune in for just one episode and this new show will become your new reality obsession: This new dating series explores the real-life dating dramas of sexy, successful black men and women in their 30s and 40s who have everything. Well, everything except love. Are they able to find lasting love and authentic relationships? Set in Atlanta Georgia in the United States, this reality series comes with a unique dating show twist – it highlights the men’s observations and experiences in the search for true love with viewers who are let in on their innermost thoughts and feelings as they brave the dating scene.
Wednesday 24 June on VUZU (116) at 20:00

Travel Channel (179)

Lost in the Wild S1

Can they find them? Those dense jungles, deep seas, mountain ranges and vast deserts hide a lot of things – including people who went missing on big adventures. In this brand-new series with eight episodes, the veteran explorers J.J. Kelley and Kinga Philipps go in search of people who mysteriously went missing. They reopen these travel cold-cases, investigating the most-fascinating missing person cases on Earth. Watch as they follow the leads wherever it might take them … often into heart-pounding situations that severely test their limits and endurance.
Wednesday 3 June on Travel Channel (179) at 20:15


The Home Channel (176)

Donna Hay – Basics to Brilliance Kids S1

Cookbook author Donna Hay embarks on the ultimate food adventure with a group of little cooks starring along the way. Donna takes simple recipes that kids adore and gives them her signature, healthy makeover. Each episode features a fun-filled kid’s adventure, from sleepovers and surf safaris to backyard cinema nights, as Donna introduces kids to the magical world of cooking with tasty meals and better-for-you-snacks.
Monday 8 June on The Home Channel (176) at 18:00


Unboxed with Nikki Chu S1

In this brand-new show, celebrity designer Nikki Chu helps homeowners transform their space from outdated and dysfunctional to beautiful and on point – in two days. In each episode, Nikki presents two mystery boxes, each box containing design elements that represent two different designs. The homeowners are then allowed to choose one box, and from its contents, Nikki will base all of her design decisions.
Tuesday 9 June on The Home Channel (176) at 19:30


Great Escapes With Colin and Justin S1

You may not be able to leave your house right now, but that doesn’t mean you can’t daydream about your next trip. Get some inspiration from international designers Colin McAllister and Justin Ryan as they explore country retreats in the US wilderness. From hidden cabins surrounded by water to stunning eco-homes, this series will truly provide you with a great escape, while teaching you about architecture and sustainability.
Monday 22 June on The Home Channel (176) at 19:30


Moja Love (157)

Ufelani S4

It’s so difficult to listen to but once you tune in you will be completely absorbed by the stories in the brand-new fourth season of this show telling the very personal tales of women and families who have been affected by gender-based violence. Experience the horror that South African women have had to endure and hear first-hand accounts from their family members in this docu-series. The survivors, family members and friends of the victims or investigating officers explain what happened, together with dramatic re-enactments of terrible South African true-crime cases that deal with femicide, domestic violence and abuse.
Thursday 4 June on Moja Love (157) at 21:30

Hhayibo Mnakwethu S1

So many questions are in need of answers in this local drama series. Two women, Hlengiwe and Nthabiseng struggle to make peace with the fact that they’ve married the same man – Bhekizizwe. Especially Hlengiwe is livid about having to share a man, but as a traditionalist she must accept that all her marriage problems are connected to Bhekizizwe’s long-standing relationship with Nthabiseng as the other woman.
Saturday 6 June on Moja Love (157) at 19:30


Ignition TV (189)

Ignition GT S12

Rev those engines and honk your horns for the new man in the driver’s seat at Ignition GT, Francisco Nwamba. Buckle up for the new 12th season of this South African show that starts this month that continues to give viewers the lowdown on all the latest car news from the local and international motoring circuit. From banter-filled studio discussions to in-depth reviews, you don’t need to watch anything else to get all the information you need on what’s happening and speeding in the world of petrolheads.
Saturday 6 June on Ignition TV (189) at 10:30

Don’t Drive Here S1

Yes, yes. You think the traffic’s bad where you live. Well, strap in with a snack and a cushion on the couch and get ready for incredible “joy-stress” viewing when you tune in to see the places where the traffic is the worst in the world and the people trying to drive there. Every episode in this reality series visits a different country where it’s an absolute horror to be on the road during rush-hour traffic. See how people tackle all kinds of zany driving challenges in the worst driving cities on Earth with the ultimate goal of learning to drive better than a professional driver.
Saturday 6 June on Ignition TV (189) at 19:00

NickToons (308)

Dorg van Dango

This comedy examines life through the thick-lensed glasses of a 13-year-old boy named Dorg Van Dango. After discovering a motley crew of supernatural beings who escaped while being transported to a secret holding facility (Area 51), Dorg disguises them as teenagers and befriends them. Under his wing, the creatures quickly learn there is more to life than haunting and scaring unsuspecting humans.
Special weekend 7 June on NickToons (308) at 16:00

Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

If there’s ever been the perfect day for pizza on the couch it’s for a magnificent Sunday marathon with those New York half-shell heroes from the sewers: Raph, Leo, Mikey and Donnie and their sensei father rat, Splinter. Settle in for amazing adventures as the teen ninja turtles experience all kinds of crazy adventures with their human friend April.
Sunday 7 June on NickToons (308) at 16:00

Father’s Day fun

Tune in for a marathon-day of Father’s Day fun in front of the television this month to celebrate all of the special dads in our lives. You can spend the day enjoying specially-selected themed episodes that revolve around, and include, dads across a range of different series on NickToons. Look out for episodes from Peppa Pig to Alvinnn!!! And the Chipmunks that are always filled with dad jokes.
Sunday 21 June on NickToons (308) at 09:45

Peppa Pig

Oh, dear. Will you not come out to play and learn about the world with Peppa Pig and her cute animal pals? Join Peppa and her friends in a wonderful Sunday marathon of episodes filled with friends, fun and sometimes just a tad of mischief. What kinds of problems and challenges will Peppa and her friends encounter and solve next?
Sunday 28 June on NickToons (308) at 16:00

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