This November on tlnovelas (DStv 133)
This November on tlnovelas (DStv 133)

What would you do for love?

Love, passion and sacrifice unite 3 brand-new telenovelas coming to the tlnovelas channel (DStv 133) in November

Bring on the popcorn and tissues, because it’s time to hit the couch and tune into some scandalous telenovela entertainment that will have you talking and, in some cases, arguing with the characters onscreen.

It’s all passion and big love on DStv’s tlnovela channel (DStv 133), and this November the channel is adding 3 new shows to its line-up, each with their own love problems.

We have all the juicy details!

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I Plead Guilty S1

Franco (Juan Soler), a high-flying lawyer, is a man stuck in a life he doesn’t want anymore. His marriage to rich, beautiful Roberta (Daniela Castro) is falling apart. It seems that despite all the wealth, fame, and power he has achieved, he feels empty. The only light in his life is his daughter, Natalia (Irina Baeva). But daddy’s girl is about to turn his life upside down when she gets caught up in a nasty hit-and-run accident that she then covers up despite everything that she has learnt from her father about justice and the law.

The love problem: As Meat Loaf’s song, I’d Do Anything For Love, chimes in our ears, we wonder if Franco would indeed do anything for love, the love of his daughter if he should find out about what she did….

Weekdays from Monday, 9 November on tlnovelas (DStv 133) at 16:05


Abyss of Passion S1

Spicy chillies, love triangles and lies are at the centre of this telenovela about how a past tragedy disforms the present day with lies and deceit. Elisa (Angelique Boyer) is madly in love with Damián (David Zepeda), her long-lost childhood friend. But her dad, Augusto (Alejandro Camacho), is dead set against this as he holds a grudge against Damián’s dad, Rosendo (César Évora) – a man Augusto believes had an affair with his wife, Estefanía (Ludwika Paleta). Rosendo and Estefanía died in a brutal car accident years ago, and to this day it’s still difficult for Augusto to deal with.

The love problem: Sacrificing your own love to save a life is exactly what Elisa does when she decides to rather marry Gael (Mark Tacher), Damián’s best friend, who is also in love with her – after her dad threatens to kill Damián if they get married. Joh, talk about problematic!

Weekdays from Monday, 16 November on tlnovelas (DStv 133) at 17:40


Papa A Toda Madre S1

Living for his own pleasure is how the charming playboy and toyshop owner Mauricio (Sebastián Rulli) sees life. Making money without dealing with the responsibility is his main goal, and that’s why he puts his best friend, Fabián (Mark Tacher, yep the same actor who also stars in Abyss of Passion), in charge of his toy kingdom. But all play and no work makes Mauricio a very silly boy, and eventually he starts ravaging his business finances to the point of bankruptcy. If there was only a beauty who could change his ways…

The love problem: Renée (Mayte Perroni), an athletic and attractive woman, has the potential to break through Mauricio’s defences and change his ways. But what if Mauricio in turn breaks her heart when he returns to his old lifestyle? It’s gambling on love.

Weekdays from Monday, 30 November on tlnovelas (DStv 133) at 19:15

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