What you missed on The Bachelor SA S2 E5

Marc has a romantic dinner in Namibia, followed by his first rose rejection.

It’s as if a reset button has been pushed in episode 5 of The Bachelor SA, and you can catch the drama on DStv Catch Up if you missed the episode.

Where there was lingering tension and animosity among the ladies, there’s now a sense of ease. They’re more relaxed, walking into this week with self-proclaimed instigator Nolo gone. The remaining women have shifted their focus from stepping on each other’s gowns, to fighting for charming Marc’s attention. Let’s face it: it is the best decision they’ve made so far, as the time he’d spend resolving their issues and putting out their fires was used to establish new connections.

All hands on deck

It was finally fashion designer Jessica R’s chance to have her one-on-one date with Marc – and in her words, “It was worth the wait.” She flew from Johannesburg to meet him in Namibia, where they sailed on the Chobe River, overlooking wildlife and a sunset. They shared their career aspirations and deal breakers in relationships. Seems like hers was his neon green socks as she jokingly took jabs at his fashion sense. Although their kiss was slightly awkward, he handed her a custom-designed blue diamante bracelet, followed by a rose.

Pulling out all the stops

For the group date back at home, all the women except Jessica R took part in a talent show. Most of the performances were a little cringeworthy and had the judges, host Jason Greer and local radio personality Elana Afrika-Bredenkamp in stitches. It was journalism student Adeline who won the one-on-one date with her artsy skills after she drew a portrait of Marc in a matter of minutes.

The date was a let-down for Adeline, because she didn’t receive a kiss or a rose – though she did manage to score a red token at the rose ceremony. But it was a different tune for strong-willed physics tutor Silke: she rejected a rose even after Marc tried to convince her otherwise. Following Silke off the show was witty film director Parushka. The question on everyone’s mind was which other lady would’ve gone home had Silke kept her rose…

A shadow of doubt

It was apparent that Silke had her reservations about the relationship with Marc walking into the rose ceremony. They don’t share the same religious views and she couldn’t keep leading him on knowing that she didn’t want to date a man who isn’t Christian. “Marc and I started on a good note, considering that I received the first impression rose. We’re both adrenaline junkies, and we’re also are fond of animals. But after we engaged in deeper conversations, I realised that we weren’t on the same page in terms of our beliefs. That’s when I knew that I had to go,” says Silke.

While on The Bachelor SA, Silke further explains that she realised she couldn’t compromise on her beliefs – not even for an attractive and intelligent man like Marc. “Marc is a good listener and we have a lot in common, like our love for dogs. But I didn’t want to change him. He is who he is, and I am steadfast in faith. My prayers got me through tough times in the house, and I’m glad that I stuck to my faith at all costs,” adds the 24-year-old who is now dating a proud Christian man since leaving the reality show.

Singing a different tune

For Parushka, not even her singing skills at the talent show could save her in the quest for Marc’s heart. “I wasn’t expecting to leave. From my brief conversations with Marc, I thought that I would get to know more of him,” she explains.

Parushka got to know more about Marc on the group date in episode 2 when she met his dog Luna. But they hardly had time together and didn’t speak much during the cocktail parties. “I’m thrilled that I came on the show, although I didn’t develop any connection with Marc,” says the 34-year-old.

“In the past, I’ve tried out blind dating and Tinder, but none of those worked so I thought, ‘Why not The Bachelor?’ I’ve learnt so much about myself as I had time to experience personal growth and deal with some of my insecurities. It can get tough when you live in a house with 20 other women, fighting for one man. I’m excited for the future and who knows, maybe I will write a reality show of my own called Parushka: Searching For Love,” jokes the film director who is single and searching for her Prince Charming.

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