What you missed on The Bachelor SA S2 E8

Marc’s intense two-on-one date ends in tears

Things were certainly heating up between eye-candy Marc and the remaining ladies on episode 8 of The Bachelor SA. If you missed last night’s episode, you can find all the action on DStv Catch Up. After weeks of going on romcom-inspired dates and hanging out with the women fighting for his heart, Marc has established unique and special bonds with each of them. While he gets goofy and childish when he’s with one woman, another reveals his serious side that has him considering marriage and starting a family right away. So what happens when those connections are put to the test? Drama!

The ladies joined Marc for a group date that explored the level of chemistry they share with him. He was blindfolded and each woman had a few minutes to touch and caress him to see whether they still had the same spark without speaking to each other. Feeling up Marc wasn’t the highlight of the date, though. It was having the rest of the women watch, from a few metres away, the uncomfortable and nerve-racking PG13 hugs. He described his time with dancer Pasha as familiar, with musician Rikki as strange, and with speech therapist Marisia as comfortable. However, it was fashion designer Jessica R’s hand skills that stood out. She received a red token, while Marisia was offered a white “wild rose” that she can use in future to snub a date card.


From blindfolds to blindsiding

Out of all the ladies, pastry chef Jessica C made sure that she stood out and she grabbed Marc’s bum during the group date, so it was only fitting to take her on a one-on-one date. Sounds too easy, right? She should have smelt something burning in the kitchen – when she arrived at the private location with Marc for a horseback riding date, he dropped a bomb on her: it was actually going to be the season’s first two-on-one date, with Qiniso emerging from the side to join them.

The biggest surprise for the two women was that there was one rose on the date and one of them was going to leave at the end of the two-on-one. Qiniso had tears streaming down her face knowing that she had to compete against her dear friend Jessica C for Marc’s heart. It seemed her crying won her brownie points and she walked away with the rose, leaving chef Jess C being sent home.

With Qiniso crying and Marc spending the first part of the two-on-one comforting her, Jessica believes that the odds were stacked against her. “It was unfair that I was pinned against a woman who he’s spent time with before. She had an advantage because she already knows Marc well enough to know that he has a soft spot for tears. I felt blindsided because I walked into a situation that wasn’t in my favour,” says Jess C, whose playful butt squeeze clearly didn’t pay off as she had hoped.


Getting hot in the kitchen

Although Jessica was hopeful that she’d get to know Marc, time was just not on their side. “I always joked around that I wish he’d visit us at the house and I’d bake him cupcakes and little treats,” jokes Jessica. “I believe that he gave up too soon on getting to know me. I was the only woman in the house who never went on a date with him. Our time was cut short,” adds Jess C.

But from her time on the reality show, Jessica has learnt a lot about herself and she doesn’t have any regrets. “Knowing what I know now, I will admit that everything happens for a reason. I reflected on my past failed romance and I dealt with the pain it caused. Just because it didn’t work out with Marc doesn’t mean that it’s the end,” says Jessica. “I am still single, well, very single and I know that in the right time, the person who is meant for me will come my way and I will have that fairy-tale kind of romance.”


It’s anyone’s game…

For the first time this season, there wasn’t a cocktail party. Instead there was a group dinner with a three-course meal and Marc gave roses to each girl throughout the night. It was everything that a dinner shouldn’t be: tense. With each rose, he gave a kiss but there was one lady that received neither, Rikki. The episode ended with a major cliff-hanger, leaving viewers wondering whether Marc will keep her or if she’ll follow in Jessica C’s footsteps?


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