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DStv Premium

Reyka S1

Brilliant criminal profiler Reyka Gama (Kim Engelbrecht), who's investigating a serial killer at work in the sugar cane fields of KwaZulu-Natal, reaches out to a sinister man to help her enter the mindset of the killer. This manipulative, charming prisoner, Speelman (Iain Glen), is the farmer who kidnapped Reyka when she was 12 years old and tried to mould her to fit into his idea of the perfect family. 20 years on he still has his claws sunk into her – but Reyka is still fighting back.

Catch Up from Sunday, 25 July. Will build to a box set so all episodes will stay up throughout the season. 

Watch Reyka Watch M-Net Read all about Reyka See M-Net’s Reyka YouTube channel


Moonbase 8 S1

Wanna-be astronauts Skip (Fred Armisen), Rook (Tom Heidecker), and Cap (John C. Reilly) are undergoing a final, rigorous test before they’re allowed into NASA’s moon programme – a stay in a simulated moon environment out in the Arizona desert. There they’ll carry out tests and show how they deal with emergency situations (as it turns out, rather poorly). But combine the pressures of isolation and the fact that these guys truly aren’t the best of the best, and the simulator becomes more of an amusement park ride run by a man with 1 tooth.

Catch Up from Friday, 23 July. Will build to a box set so all episodes will stay up throughout the season. 

Watch Moonbase 8 Watch M-Net


Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist S2

Following her dad Mitch’s death at the end of S2, Zoey – who can hear what the people around her are really thinking about in song and dance form – is staying with her mom, Maggie, and she returns to the office after 6 weeks away. Coming up this season, Zoey and Max finally kiss, but there’s more romantic drama to come for Zoey with Simon, and her childhood friend Aiden, Zoey celebrates her 30th birthday, Max starts a business with Mo, and a medium messes up Zoey’s powers.

Catch Up from Saturday, 31 July. Will build to a box set so all episodes will stay up throughout the season. 

Watch Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist Watch M-Net


The Republic of Sarah S1

When it seems like the only way to stop a mining corporation from taking over and destroying their small New Hampshire town, teacher Sarah Cooper (Stella Baker) leads the townsfolk in declaring independence from the United States of America. Now Sarah’s friends, family and colleagues must start nation building from scratch, including working out how to establish diplomatic relations with their giant neighbour, building independent water and electricity grids, and working out how to stand on their own feet financially and logistically.

Catch Up from Thursday, 15 July. Will build to a box set so all episodes will stay up throughout the season. 

Watch The Republic of Sarah Watch M-Net

Spoorloos S3

8 Episodes, 1 terrifying case as this drama series returns with a new tale. This time we follow the disappearance of a 6-month-old baby whose nanny, Lena Jacobs, kidnaps her from her parents’ Northern Cape farm on the night that mom and dad are murdered. 15 years after the night of that tragedy, the baby’s surviving family get word that she has been found alive. And for 16-year-old Adri Erasmus, finding out that the woman who raised her isn’t her biological mother raises a flurry of questions with buried answers.

Catch Up from Tuesday, 6 July. Will build to a box set so all episodes will stay up throughout the season. 


Kenan S1

Kenan Thompson joins forces with his long-time SNL co-star Chris Redd in this brand-new sitcom. Kenan plays a recently-widowed dad and newsman Kenan Wiliams who’s raising his daughters Aubrey and Birdie (played by sisters Dani and Dannah Lane) with “help” from his father-in-law, Rick (Don Johnson) and his brother Gary (played by Chris). As the series begins, Kenan’s just trying to keep things on an even keel, but to do that, he’s been dodging dealing with his grief over his wife’s loss and locking away his good memories of her.

Watch from Thursday, 1 July. Will build to a box set so all episodes will stay up throughout the season. 


Lui Maar Op, Belinda S2

Brümilda van Rensburg leads this comedy set in the Ian & Ander general store in sleepy George. Action picks up again 2 months after the events of the S1 finale, and Belinda is bored out of her teeny mind… until Annetjie returns just in time for a TV watch party for a certain special Kwêla Village of the year episode. Looking ahead, Ian has big plans to zhush up operations at Ian & Ander by bringing in a baffling new computer system, and Belinda explores online dating.

Catch Up from Monday, 5 July


Dierepraters S1

Actress and animal rights activist Daniah de Villiers (Mia And The White Lion) and animal whisperer Hettie Richter are our guides to a whole wild world of animal communication in this docu-reality series. Each episode they’ll take us to meet special people who’ve honed their ability to talk to animals, through studying a range of sciences and traditional practices. Together, they’ll show us how to see what domestic and wild animals are thinking, and understand why they react the way they do in certain situations.

Catch Up from Wednesday, 28 July.

Abomama S2

In S1 we saw 4 church women – Mapule (Nokuthula Ledwaba), Fumane (Joyce Skefu), Dora (Unati Guma) and Tshidi (Khanyi Mbau) – transform their stokvel into a money laundering scheme to use R2 million in stolen cash to serve their community. In the finale, a new member stepped into the secret circle when Raki (Masechaba Mtolo) murdered the gangster Bonanza, ending his persecution of the ladies. Now, 2 years on, Bonanza’s “amnesiac” daughter Amamkele arrives on the women’s doorstep looking like butter wouldn’t melt. But she’s a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

Catch Up from Sunday, 4 July. Will build to a box set so all episodes will stay up throughout the season. 

Idols S17

SA’s favourite reality talent show is back. Judges ProVerb, Unathi, Randall are on the hunt for our next great singing sensation, while host Somizi demonstrates the level of dazzle and the attitude that we expect from a superstar. We’re looking forward to an interesting start to the season as Idols held auditions throughout the whole country – online. The show hit 10,000 auditions for its 15,000 available slots in just the first 7 days, so we can’t wait to see the first compilation.

Catch Up from Sunday, 11 July. Will build to a box set so all episodes will stay up throughout the season. 


Nqobile S1

In this new drama series, husband and wife Nqobile and Simo want the same thing – full power and control of the Nkosi dynasty. When Nqobile, an abused makoti of the Nkosi family dynasty, takes over the CEO position from her abusive husband, she transforms it into a women e-hailing service, and indirectly declares war against her spouse. Backed only by her father-in-law, George, Nqobile is thrust into a male dominated industry and must succeed if she is to negotiate her freedom from a position of power.

Catch Up from Monday, 5 July. Will build to a box set so all episodes will stay up throughout the season. 


Helstrom S1

In this action fantasy series based on the Marvel Comics characters, Daimon (Tom Austen) and his sister Ana (Sydney Lemmon), children of late serial killer and satanist Marduk Helstrom (Mitch Pileggi) and their demon possessed mother Victoria (Elizabeth Marvel), hunt down humanity's most evil offenders. The siblings have a little supernatural assistance. Thanks to their demonic heritage, Ana has psychic abilities and Daimon is an exorcist with some surprising additional powers. But the demon possessing their mother is growing stronger and a sinister new power is rising.

Catch Up from Monday, 12 July. 

Ifalakhe S1

In this local fantasy-drama set in South Africa’s pre-colonial past, Khombindlela (Bheki Sibiya) the Okuhle king has 7 daughters and longs for a male heir. With both of his wives pregnant, he’s hoping for his wish to come true, but he’s also about to go into battle with King Ndukuzakhe (Bheki Ngcobo) of the Khanya tribe. After swaying the course of the battle with magic, Khombindlela is given a prophecy: his firstborn will unify kingdoms and be a powerful leader. But his second born will bring nothing but destruction, darkness and death.

Catch Up from Saturday, 3 July. Will build to a box set so all episodes will stay up throughout the season. 

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The Goes Wrong Show S1

In this British comedy series, the Cornley Polytechnic Drama Society played by the real-life Mischief Theatre company) puts on a new type of play in each episode. But time and again anything that can go wrong, does. Coming up, there’s a Christmas play, a WWII drama, a courtroom drama, a 1960s-style horror, a period romance and a Southern gothic drama. Sets fall apart and catch on fire, props prove treacherous, directions on the play can and will be misinterpreted, and the troupe soldiers on through it all.

Catch Up from Saturday, 10 July. Will build to a box set so all episodes will stay up throughout the season. 

Indebted_S1.jpg (1)

Indebted S1

Young parents Dave (Adam Pally) and Rebecca (Abby Elliott) are at that phase where it’s time to send the kids off to school and embrace a little personal freedom again. But as they’re about to celebrate their new independence, there’s a knock at the door, and Dave’s parents rock up looking for a place to stay. Some financial management issues and one bad health crisis have left them broke as a joke. With just 2 children, and 4 parents under 1 roof, suddenly everyone’s giving orders and advice!

Catch Up from Thursday,15 July. Will build to a box set so all episodes will stay up throughout the season. 


Looney Tunes Cartoons S1

It’s a brand-new relaunch of the classic, surreal, anarchic and inventive Looney Tunes Cartoons, with all your favourite characters like Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Porky Pig, Tweety, Sylvester, the Road Runner, Marvin The Martian – and more! Between Erica Bauza’s voice work and programme creator Peter Browngardt’s (the guy behind Uncle Grandpa) obvious affection for and understanding of the original series, this is the 1 that’ll please the O.G. fans with great gags and nostalgic artwork, while getting a new generation hooked.

Catch Up from Thursday, 15 July. 

Read more about Looney Tunes Cartoons


Extreme Sisters S1

Some sister bonds are stronger than others, but these sisters take it to the extreme and live their lives together in unconventional ways. Australian twins Anna and Lucy want everything in their lives to be identical and even share a boyfriend. Patrix & Patricia, from Atlanta, Georgia, share a dream to move to Florida, but Patricia’s husband Ron would like a say in those plans. And Baylee and Brooke's sleeping arrangements are causing strain in Brooke’s marriage. We’ll be meeting more extreme sisters as the season continues.

Catch Up from Monday, 12 July. Will build to a box set so all episodes will stay up throughout the season. 


Seeking Sister Wife S3

Dimitri and Ashley Snowden are getting back in the Los Angeles dating game following their divorce from Vanessa in 2019. They have 2 girlfriends in their sights, Tayler Middleton, a henna artist from Atlanta, Georgia, and South Africa single mother Christeline. But there have been several serious allegations made about the Snowden’s online. Meanwhile the Merrifields are jumping through hoops to get their Brazilian bombshell fiancée to join the family, and the Joneses, whose first wife has also left, are looking for a new partner, too.

Catch Up from Sunday, 18 July. Will build to a box set so all episodes will stay up throughout the season. 


Kirstie's Celebrity Craft Masters S1

Britain's crafty Kirstie Allsopp is out to test celebrities in a series of tough challenges. They’ll tackle every kind of creative hobby from paper craft to pyrography, quilling to drilling and woodwork to cake decorating. Can a cricketer start embroidery? How good is an actor at applique? Let’s find out. Each episode will see 2 celebs going head-to-head with Kristie judging their final efforts. Tune in to see the likes of Property presenters Lucy Alexander and Martin Roberts trying to make chandeliers and candles.

Catch Up from Monday, 19 July. 

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FAITH: New Voices from Saturday, 3 July; Praise from Tuesday, 6 July; State of Faith from Thursday, 8 July; 2nd Chance Outreach Ministry from Saturday, 10 July; Empty Out The Negative from Saturday, 17 July; Confused Sexuality from Saturday, 24 July.

EDUCATION: Woza Matric (ongoing)

NEW SOAPS! Durban Gen from Thursday, 1 July; Imbewu from Thursday, 1 July.

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