You’ve got competition this July on DStv Compact

From The Great Kenyan Bake Off to Idols S17, to “mom-petition” in local drama series Inconceivable and even a doggy stylist show – you’ll be the judge of great TV on DStv Compact this June

Excuse us while we bash some cookie sheets together in celebration – The Great Kenyan Bake Off has just popped out of the oven and there’s not a dry eye or a soggy bottom in the house. But if you prefer dog biscuits, dog stylists are snapping their scissors together for reality competition series Pooch Perfect. And yes, after an intense online audition season, it’s finally time for Idols S17.

July is filled with even more excitement on DStv Compact. If you live for big drama, local series Inconceivable has a shocking tale to tell, while also being a note-perfect portrait of modern parenthood in South Africa. The church ladies with big secrets return in a new season of Abomama. And a brand new drama series called Nqobile will celebrate a modern woman with drive – in more ways than 1.

Fantasy fans can look forward to the adaptation of Sir Terry Pratchett’s Discworld novels in The Watch. And courtroom drama fans can cheer on Aaron Wallace in For Life, while Nathan Fillion’s light-hearted cop series Rookie sees graduation day looming for the rookies.

We also have 2 new chilling true crime series coming up, but if you’d rather be cosy at home, let Chef Nti bring a little song and sunshine into your kitchen with the return of Street Food In Africa, and Mary Berry's Simple Comforts is that perfect cooking series for when winter is trying to sink into your bones, as Mary explores indulgent comfort food in Paris and around the UK. There are also hotel series like The Savoy and home reno shows to explore.

And it’s real life drama that gets you emotional, reality show Mnakwethu returns with more intriguing relationships, while a brand new series, Unefa, shows what happens when people get money “from heaven”.

And if you’re looking for weekend magic,there are loads of films for the little ones, and the grownups, too, with a brand new batch of KIX (DStv channel 114) movies launching in July.

Read on for all the details.


Fancy a slice? The Great Kenyan Bake Off is here and we can’t wait to see how our neighbour to the North interprets the Bake Off challenges. Everyone is back for Idols S17 after its first truly countrywide auditions. Dog stylist competition show Pooch Perfect turns sweet little mutts into supermodels on the dog walk, and Storage Wars is back like the world’s biggest lucky packet. What could be inside these mystery containers? Musa Mseleku is back with more polygamy advice in a new season of Mnakwethu. And Unefa host Motlatsi Mafatshe is out to tell people they’ve inherited money! Finally, Lebo M: Coming Home takes us inside the drama of the Lion King star’s life.


The Great Kenyan Bake Off S1

Presenters Nick Ndeda and June Gachui guide 12 amateur bakers, from an air stewardess to an artist, throughout the series under the stern gaze of expert judges Kiran Jethwa and Myra Ndungu. In the first technical challenge, contestants will have to bake Judge Kiran's special swiss roll with jam before they show off what they can really do with their favourite cake. From then on it’s a feast of breads and cupcakes, savoury pies and a battle of the trifles until that final showstopper: a 3-tiered wedding cake.

Watch from Wednesday, 28 July on BBC Lifestyle (DStv channel 174) at 20:00

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Idols S17

SA’s favourite reality talent show is back. Judges ProVerb, Unathi, Randall are on the hunt for our next great singing sensation, while host Somizi demonstrates the level of dazzle and the attitude that we expect from a superstar. We’re looking forward to an interesting start to the season as Idols held auditions throughout the whole country – online. The show hit 10,000 auditions for its 15,000 available slots in just the first 7 days, so we can’t wait to see the first compilation.

Watch from Sunday, 11 July on Mzansi Magic (Dstv channel 161) at 17:30

Watch Mzansi Magic


Pooch Perfect S1

Actress and dog lover Sheridan Smith hosts this reality show with a difference. 10 Pairs of dog stylists from around the UK are stepping up to show what they can do in a series of themed challenges, as they compete to be named the UK’s Top Dog Stylist. Each week their models will strut their stuff on the dogwalk, giving their owners a first glimpse at their fur baby’s new look. The poodle cut is passe – can you style a Maltese mop to look like a puffy, floating cloud?

Watch from Tuesday, 20 July on BBC Brit (DStv channel 120) at 20:00

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Mnakwethu S2

Hosted by Musa Mseleku, Mnakwethu explores the concept of polygamy, as already married men introduce their desire to take on a second wife. Season 2 will offer key insights of what it actually takes to be a man married to multiple women. As a man in a polygamous marriage himself, Mseleku shares first-hand experiences of the ups and downs of a polygamous marriage. He will also interrogate and engage with the man to unpack why he would like another wife, and whether he is indeed capable of taking care of multiple families financially.  

Watch from Tuesday, 6 July on Mzansi Magic (DStv channel 161) at 20:00

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Storage Wars S13

When people don’t keep up payments on their storage units in California, eventually the units’ owners seize whatever’s in there and sell it off at auctions. This series follows speculators who snap up these units, sight mostly unseen, hoping to find treasures. Dan and Laura Dotson, Brandi Passante and Jarrod Schultz (who recently split, so yikes!), Darrell Sheets, Kenny Crossley, Rene Nezhoda, Casey Nezhoda, and Ivy Calvin and his sons are all back as bidders. But once they have their haul, they’re going to have to find buyers, too.

Watch from Monday, 26 July on Lifetime (DStv Channel 131) at 19:15

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Lebo M: Coming Home S1

Grammy winning singer Lebo M returns home in this 10-episode series, which follows his efforts to reunite his family, including his 4 of his kids, 3rd wife Angela and his mother, under 1 roof, and to create new music with Zahara, Ladysmith Black Mambazo, Judith Sephuma, and his daughter Refi. Lebo talks about his past including his accidental move to Lesotho while he was in exile, homelessness on the streets of the USA, his rise to fame, and the glory years working on The Lion King.

Watch from Thursday, 8 July on Mzansi Magic (DStv channel 161) at 20:00

Watch Mzansi Magic Read about Lebo M: Coming Home


Unefa S1

Every year thousands of South Africans don’t receive the money that they’ve legally inherited from deceased family and loved ones. A beneficiary could have been a minor at the time of death who is still unaware of the payment, or it could be a case of incorrect details – contact information changed, not updated, or wrongly logged. Unefa’s aim is to close this gap. Docu-reality series Unefa and host Motlatsi Mafatshe will take viewers on an emotional and reflective journey in which unsuspecting beneficiaries are surprised with this information.

Watch from Wednesday, 7 July on Mzansi Magic (Dstv channel 161) at 20:00

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Live for the drama


Helstrom S1

In this action fantasy series based on the Marvel Comics characters, Daimon (Tom Austen) and his sister Ana (Sydney Lemmon), children of late serial killer and satanist Marduk Helstrom (Mitch Pileggi) and their demon possessed mother Victoria (Elizabeth Marvel), hunt down humanity's most evil offenders. The siblings have a little supernatural assistance. Thanks to their demonic heritage, Ana has psychic abilities and Daimon is an exorcist with some surprising additional powers. But the demon possessing their mother is growing stronger and a sinister new power is rising.

Watch from Monday, 12 July on FOX (Dstv channel 125) at 20:45

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Abomama S2

In S1 we saw 4 church women – Mapule (Nokuthula Ledwaba), Fumane (Joyce Skefu), Dora (Unati Guma) and Tshidi (Khanyi Mbau) – transform their stokvel into a money laundering scheme to use R2 million in stolen cash to serve their community. In the finale, a new member stepped into the secret circle when Raki (Masechaba Mtolo) murdered the gangster Bonanza, ending his persecution of the ladies. Now, 2 years on, Bonanza’s “amnesiac” daughter Amamkele arrives on the women’s doorstep looking like butter wouldn’t melt. But she’s a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

Watch from Sunday, 4 July on Mzansi Magic (DStv channel 161) at 20:00

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The Watch S1

This series is inspired by fantasy author Sir Terry Pratchett’s Guards characters in the Discworld novels (1983-2015). A motley crew of cross-species guardsmen (including dwarves and werewolves) led by the grumpy and down-at-heel Sam Vimes (Richard Dormer) rise out of apathy to restore law and order to Ankh-Morpork, pushing back against lawless politicians, shadowy guilds, the super-rich, and street gangs. But an old enemy of Vimes’s named Carcer Dun (Sam Adewunmi) is dogging their every step while trying to get his hands on a magical artefact.

Watch from Tuesday, 27 July on M-Net City (DStv channel 115) at 21:40

Watch M-Net City Read about The Watch

Inconceivable S1

Advocate Rachel Bishop (Carine Rous) has it all – career, slick wardrobe, ambitious husband. There’s just one more piece of the puzzle needed, a baby. But when Rachel pulls her lifelong friend, busy, scatter-brained gynaecologist Marieke Meyer (Anel Alexander) into a tragic, impulsive decision, the impact threatens to tear their successful group of friends apart, and will test how far they’re both willing to go to protect what they have. Meanwhile around them, their friends go through their own dramas surrounding raising a family in a hyper competitive modern world.

Watch from Thursday, 1 July on M-Net City (DStv channel 115) at 20:50

Watch M-Net City Read about Inconceivable


For Life S2

Aaron Wallace, a man serving a life sentence for a crime that he didn’t commit, challenges the US legal system in the sauciest way possible: by studying to become a lawyer. In S2, Aaron adjusts to life outside prison as he sets out to reunite with his family. But he hasn’t left the prisoners behind, he’s still hard at work on their cases. And in a career making case, Aaron realises that one woman’s case could be the key to exposing far-reaching police corruption.

Watch from Wednesday, 14 July on M-Net City (DStv channel 115) at 20:50

Watch M-Net City Read more about For Life


The Rookie S3

The rookies are now in their final month of training (the 30 days will play out in the first 9 episodes of the season). Nolan will go into the season facing the consequences of Armstrong’s efforts to frame him in the S2 finale and the rogue action that he takes to get off that hook. And the team will take on the case of a former child actor (played by Frankie Muniz), which has another set of investigators involved – the crew of a true crime documentary series.

Watch from Thursday, 1 July on M-Net City (DStv channel 115) at 19:10

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Nqobile S1

In this new drama series, husband and wife Nqobile and Simo want the same thing – full power and control of the Nkosi dynasty. When Nqobile, an abused makoti of the Nkosi family dynasty, takes over the CEO position from her abusive husband, she transforms it into a women e-hailing service, and indirectly declares war against her spouse. Backed only by her father-in-law, George, Nqobile is thrust into a male dominated industry and must succeed if she is to negotiate her freedom from a position of power.

Watch from Monday, 5 July on Mzansi Magic (DStv channel 161) at 20:00

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True crime

Murder Masterminds S1

Watch from Wednesday, 21 July on Lifetime (DStv channel 131) at 20:05

Watch Lifetime

Evil Lives Here: Shadow Of Death S6B

Watch from Tuesday, 20 July on ID (DStv channel 171) at 21:00

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Home sweet home

Along with Street Food In Africa, you can indulge with Mary Berry’s Simple Comforts this July on DStv Compact. And if you’re looking for something rich and delightful, The Savoy will take you inside one of London’s poshest hotels, while Unsellable Houses takes you to the other end of the property market.

Street Food In Africa S1B

She’s back! Chef Nti has it all – immaculate taste in funky African fashion and her own restaurant, The Taste Kitchen in Maboneng, which specialises in both South African heritage food and fusion dishes with world cuisine. In her show she brings viewers local specialties from around South Africa and the rest of the continent. These are the dishes and snacks that keep us moving and humming through the day. Chef Nti explains how each speciality differs from region to region, and she prepares it as you’d buy it on a street corner.

Watch from Sunday, 18 July on Food Network (DStv channel 175) at 16:50

Watch The Food Network Read about Street Food In Africa

Little big screen

July has 5 Saturdays that you can spoil the kids on, with movie teats for special viewing parties on M-Net Movies 3 (DStv channel 107) each Saturday at 16:00. Take in Finding Nemo, Turbo the racing snail, The Lorax, Despicable Me and Finding Dory, too. But careful, 2 minutes in front of the screen and you’ll be sitting down to watch with the kids.

Grown-up movie night

The 2-4 July weekend is all about comic book action on Studio Universal (DStv channel 112), while on 13, 15 and 16 July the channel will have comedian Kevin Hart hamming it up in a series of romantic comedies. And local martial arts action fans will be able to see the South African premieres of 6 new movies on KIX (DStv channel 114). This is just a taste of what you’ll be able to see at the movies this July on DStv Compact!


Batman vs Superman: Dawn Of Justice

Gotham billionaire vigilante Batman (Ben Affleck) and Kryptonian farm boy turned Metropolis reporter Superman (Henry Cavil) are on a collision course. Superman has cropped up on Batman’s radar as a threat to humanity. Meanwhile Superman, having caught wind of Batman’s violent approach to dealing with crime, is on a mission to expose him in The Daily Planet.

Watch on Friday, 2 July on Studio Universal (Dstv channel 112) at 18:00

Watch Studio Universal


Suicide Squad

The US government assembles a group of career criminals and supervillains to take on the metahuman threat around the US. The team includes Deadshot (Will Smith), criminal mastermind the Joker (Jared Leto) and his girlfriend, crazy psychologist Harley Quinn (Margot Robbie), and sword-wielding Tatsu Yamashiro (Karen Fukuhara). If any of them put a toe wrong, heads will be blown right off.

Watch on Saturday, 3 July on Studio Universal (DStv channel 112) at 18:00

Watch Studio Universal


The Incredible Hulk

Dr Bruce Banner (Edward Norton) develops a violent, giant green mutant alter ego after he’s exposed to gamma radiation during a failed experiment aimed at creating super-soldiers. Following a destructive burst of rage Banner vanishes to South America, where he works on a cure for his condition. But the military wants to use his alter-ego, The Hulk, as a weapon.

Watch on Sunday, 4 July on Studio Universal (DStv channel 112) at 18:00

Watch Studio Universal


About Last Night

This romantic comedy follows 2 couples who hook up and decide to take things further. The women in the couples are friends, while the men are besties with one another. As they talk about their dates, we get contrasting male and female perspectives on the 2 relationships as they run their course. Kevin plays 1 of the men, Bernie.

Watch on Tuesday, 13 July on Studio Universal (DStv channel 112) at 21:45

Watch Studio Universal


Think Like A Man

Based on Steve Harvey's 2009 pop psychology book Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man, this romantic comedy centres on a battle of the sexes. 4 Women are using Steve's advice in their relationships, but when each of their partners finds out, the men decide to turn the tables on the ladies. Cast includes Kevin Hart as Cedric the divorced guy.

Watch on Thursday, 15 July on Studio Universal (DStv channel 112) at 21:45

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Think Like A Man Too

Cedric (Kevin Hart) is in Las Vegas for a wedding, along with 5 couples who are also looking to have a romantic weekend. Cedric has left his wife Gail (Wendy Williams) behind him, but she’s catching up and when she finds out that he’s been running up massive debts on her credit card there’s going to be hell to pay.

Watch on Friday, 16 July on Studio Universal (DStv channel 112) at 21:45

Watch Studio Universal


The Grandmaster Of Kung Fu

In the late Qing Dynasty, Grandmaster Huo Yuan Jia leads the martial artists of Tianjin as they defend the country against Japanese invaders. Meanwhile Japan’s top martial arts master has opened up a new academy where he’s defeated all the Chinese martial arts masters who’ve come up against him… so far. With Dennis To, Zhuang Han, Li Ruo Xi.

Watch on Friday, 2 July on KIX (Dstv channel 114) at 18:00

Watch KIX


Fearless Kung Fu King

Young Huo Yuan Jia runs away from home and sets up his martial arts school in Tianjin. Once established, he invites martial artists from all disciplines to come and spar at his academy. And through working with the reformists and revolutionaries, he comes to understand how he can save his country. With Hu Guo Fang, Wang Ya Bin, Zheng Zhong Yu.

Watch on Saturday, 3 July on KIX (Dstv channel 114) at 19:00

Watch KIX


Unparalleled Mulan

10 Years after Mulan joined the army during the Northern Wei Dynasty, and returned home with honour, the Ruar Army strikes again and she has to return to the battlefield on the border to defend her country. With Wu Jian Fei, Hu Xue Er, Wei Wei, Shang Tie Long. Also watch Mulan on Friday, 9 July at 19:00.

Watch on Saturday 10 July on KIX (Dstv channel 114) at 19:00

Watch KIX


Apolar Battlefield

While Zhang San Feng is trying to expose a wicked gang leader's conspiracy, he discovers a secret in a treasure box. He might have lost his first battle with the villain, but with this treasure, he could have the power to win the war between them. With Du Yi Heng, Shu Yang, Zhao Wen Zhuo, Zhang Zi Xuan.

Watch on Saturday, 17 July on KIX (Dstv channel 114) at 19:00

Watch KIX


Detection Of Di Renjie 2

In Empress Wu's reign, several bizarre deaths in the capital city of Chang'an are linked to the Martyrs Shrine's Flying Goddess Mural. Detective Di investigates, and the trail leads him on a long and twisted path before he is finally able to unmask the real killer. With Du Yi Heng, Shu Yang, Zhao Wen Zhuo, Zhang Zi Xuan.

Watch on Friday, 23 July on KIX (Dstv channel 114) at 19:00

Watch KIX


Eternal Wave

Sunday nights in July belong to rising Asian action star Aaron Kwok. In 1937, communist resistance fighter Lin Xiang (Aaron Kwok) is sent to Japanese-occupied Shanghai, where he must rebuild the resistance networks in the city, which have been nearly completely dismantled following a Japanese raid on their secret headquarters. With Zhao Li Ying, Zhang Han, Zhang Lan Xin.

Watch on Sunday, 4 July on KIX (Dstv channel 114) at 19:00

Watch KIX

This is just the tip of the viewing iceberg.

Check out the DStv Premium, Compact Plus, Family and Access highlights packages to see what else will be coming to DStv this July, including the brand new local crime Thriller Reyka on DStv Premium, along with Chris Meloni’s new Law & Order spin-off series, Law & Order: Organised Crime. There’s also out of this world comedy in Moonbase 8 and the return of sci-fi series Manifest, and Michael Palin’s look back over his career making travel shows.

DStv Compact Plus is a must for animal lovers with Dierepraters teaching us the ins and outs of communicating with animals, and Doug To The Rescue reuniting owners with beloved lost pets. Travel shows Nou Toer Ons and Elders take us to Namibia, and Tamar Braxton: Get Ya Life takes us inside the true story of Tamar’s recovery from a mental health crisis.

In the remaining packages, you can read about National Geographic’s Impact With Gal Gadot documentary, Shark month specials including National Geographic’s Sharkfest and Chris Hemsworth’s Shark Beach, a new season of cop show Hudson & Rex, and all-new documentaries on Greece, opera, art and World War II history.

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