You won’t believe some of these Arrowverse fan theories

We ask the (armchair) experts about some of their wildest and most serious theories about The Flash, Arrow and Supergirl and more.

With all the new superhero seasons that have exploded onto our screens on M-Net City, there are so many mysteries frying our brains that we decided to turn to the experts – the fans – and get the top theories on some of our biggest questions about each of our favourite supers.

The Flash

The biggest er … mystery with The Flash is “who is Mystery Girl?” Mystery Girl made several appearances in season four, but nothing definitive enough to suggest who she might be. Fan theories range from her being Barry and Iris’s daughter to The Thinker in a new body, (remember those strange symbols she was drawing in that notebook?) to a future-version of baby Sara Diggle from the Flashpoint timeline. Who knows? Well, hopefully, we all will as season five unfolds over the next few months.

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After the shock death at the end of season six, and Oliver outing himself to the police, fans are frothing at the mouth over what this season has in store for Oliver Queen. Not much is known, but there is a theory that the Birds of Prey might be introduced. Post their show being cancelled, two of the characters have featured in Arrow – Black Canary and Huntress. Could Black Siren and Felicity be next? And what about John Diggle? Could he soon become Green Lantern? The one constant fan theory (read: hope) since practically forever, is that Batman will make an appearance at some point. Now, with a Batwoman show on the cards, it doesn’t seem that far fetched anymore. Cross fingers.

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After last season’s shock ending, what could be in store for our favourite Kryptonian superhero? The webosphere is full of wonderful theories for season four, from Kara being split into good Kara and bad Kara by Black Kryptonite (remember the black rock she was after in season three?), to Alex becoming a mom, to Kara being the third Worldkiller, not to mention fans speculating that season four could reveal that Lex Luthor may already be pulling the strings …

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DC's Legends of Tomorrow

The big news with season four is that John Constantine will be joining the cast as a series regular, so we’re all wondering whether the big bad might be something that followed Constantine out of his show. That could be seriously bad news for our heroes - Constantine’s villains lean towards the horror side of the equation, which is not to say it’s bad news for us. If the Legends drift more into his world, well, let’s just say things could get all kinds of interesting.

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Black Lightning

Though technically not an Arrowverse show, season one of Black Lightning knocked our socks off, and season two is shaping up to be even better. The most pervasive fan theory, or should we say hope, is that Black Lightning actually does take place in the Arrowverse. Other that than, season left us with a bunch of questions. For starters, who’s in the pods? And what was in Proctor’s briefcase? Whatever it was, Tobias Whale was really happy to get his hands on it.

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The main fan theory around Gotham is that it might actually turn out to be - wait for it - a prequel to Supergirl. What? No wait, hear us out. The theory goes like this: that the events happening in Gotham actually took place while Kara was stuck in the Phantom Zone. Up until now, Gotham City has only ever been mentioned in passing within the Arrowverse, but the Elseworlds crossover and the introduction of Batwoman to the Arrowverse has us thinking this theory might just hold some water. Or, of course, be just another theory.

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