Your fun-filled kiddie line-up starts here

A long-weekend filled with fun for the kids, only on DStv

There’s hordes of fun and entertainment for the whole family this weekend with DStv and School of Laughter.

The Rocketeer S1

Based on the popular comic book and movie of the same name, this series follows Katherine “Kit” Secord who gets a jetpack for her seventh birthday and learns she is next in line to become The Rocketeer. Fortunately, she has a best friend, Tesh, and a bulldog sidekick, Butch, to help her navigate her new world. Filled with great life-lessons and adventures, this is a great new show to add to the PVR.

Monday 28 September on Disney Junior (DStv 309) at 17:00

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Turu, the Wacky Hen

When a hen is unable to lay eggs like the rest of her fowl friends, Turuleca is sold to a retired music teacher under false pretences. When she realises Turu’s problem, Isabel plays music to help her lay eggs. With the help of her new animal friends – Melodia the cow, Ritmo the sheep and Compas the hog – the unlikely group must work together to save their human friend when she falls ill.

Saturday 26 September on M-Net (DStv 101) at 15:00

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Lego DC Super Hero Girls: Galactic Wonder

Every teenage girl has struggles with their mother. Now imagine if your mom is Hippolyta – queen of the Amazons? In this high-school era show, Wonder Woman has her work cut out for her when her mom decides to stop by Super Hero High for a surprise visit.

Friday 25 September on Cartoon Network (DStv 301) at 08:30

Paw Patrol Special

Get ready for weekends full of laughter and fun in Adventure Bay – all while learning important lessons about kindness and helping others. The Paw Patrol pups are on the way to entertain your young ones with two awesome new episodes. It’s “dino-mite” day as the pups rescue a Pterodactyl who has hurt its wing. Then straight after that, we get ready for the Big Rumble Volcano eruption that threatens the Dino Wilds.

Saturday 26 September on Nick Jr (DStv 307) at 12:00

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Chop Chop Ninja

It’s a marathon of fun this Sunday with Iro, Jo, Tetsuo and Neeko as they protect Rizon from evil to become Chop Chop Ninja. Based on the popular video game, the four friends are constantly fighting off Magic Master to keep their island home safe. Light-hearted fun for the kids!

Sunday 27 September on NickTOONS (DStv 308) at 16:00

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