Watch ZooMoo on DStv channel 314
Watch ZooMoo on DStv channel 314

ZooMoo (DStv 314) is giving kids more to love this February

Celebrate Lunar New Year, Chinese New Year, and Valentine’s Day this February on ZooMoo (DStv 314) – and there’s great news for fans, too!

ZooMoo (DStv 314) first popped up on DStv’s School Of Laughter in 2020, and this nature-loving kids channel has become such a hit with the little ones that it’s now here to stay until at least the end of June 2021.

ZooMoo features the work of some of the world's best wildlife filmmakers, early childhood educationalists and technology developers, and it’s all about encouraging an emotional connection with the natural world. With shows that feature inventive storytelling through computer animation, live puppetry, origami and 2-D animation, there’s always something fresh and colourful for kids to enjoy.

There’s plenty to happily Moo about this February.

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Chinese New Year

February marks both the start of the Lunar New Year and the Chinese New Year. To celebrate, puppet friends Flash the wildlife photographer dog, Ninja the gorilla and the rest of the gang will be learning about all the animals of the Chinese zodiac. Last year was the year Of The Rat, while 2021 is the Year Of The Ox – could anything be more perfect for ZooMoo fans than an Ox year? As the gang learn about all 12 animals that each represent a year, they’ll teach kids how to work out which animals are theirs. Are you an ambitious dragon? A brave and competitive Tiger? A witty Monkey? A little bit of maths will help you to find out.

Watch Chinese New Year specials on Friday, 12 February on ZooMoo (DStv 314) from 11:30 and Chinese New Year special Part 1 on Catch Up & Part 2 on Catch Up

Valentine’s Day

ZooMoo is turning its attention to how animals show their affection towards family and friends in this delightfully silly special in which our puppet friends explore the traditions of the day, including making a card for that special someone. Watch as Ninja twists his balloon animals and tries to figure out who his Valentine could be. And see what adventurous, inventive little Piglet is doing, as Lemur focuses on creating the most romantic Valentine’s Day cards ever.

Watch Valentine’s Day specials on Sunday, 14 February on ZooMoo (DStv 314) from 11:30 and on Catch Up

Sneak preview

The award-winning animated series Leo The Wildlife Ranger S2 kicks off with a special preview of the season. Kids can watch 5 episodes back to back on Saturday, 13 February, followed by another 5 episodes on Sunday, 14 February.

Leo, Katie, Hero the puppy, and their brand-new international friends, Kyle, Kai, Jane, Farah and Peyo from the young wildlife ranger network, are setting off on new adventures around the world. Along the way, Leo learns more about teamwork, nature conservation and, best of all, animals. Watch Leo and his friends teach rare parrots to fly (could his zippy jetpack come in handy for this?) and even save a fellow ranger who’s trapped in a burrow. Sharp-eyed fans will notice the characters have been redesigned and refreshed a little between seasons.

Watch Leo, The Wildlife Ranger S2 on Saturday, 13 February and Sunday, 14 February on ZooMoo (DStv 314) from 10:45


Pet special!

Junior the little Orangutan really wants his very own pet, but he doesn’t understand how to take care of 1, and he might not be ready for the responsibility yet, either. In this special, he’ll take his first step toward being a good pet guardian ‒ finding out all about different kinds of animals and their needs, so that he can learn more about which sort of pet would suit him best. Junior’s friend, Owl, will introduce him to some children and their special pets including dogs, cats, guinea pigs, rats, horses and parrots. We wonder which animal Junior will choose.

Watch Junior’s My Pet & Me special on Saturday, 20 February on ZooMoo (DStv 314) at 12:00 and on Catch Up

And keep watching! Coming up in March, ZooMoo will be celebrating Save-A-Spider Day, Panda Day, and World Water Day, which is especially relevant for South African children.

Watch ZooMoo on DStv channel 314. ZooMoo is available on DStv Premium, Compact Plus, Compact and Family packages. To upgrade your package or to get DStv, click here.

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