Everything about Alles Malan, kykNET’s new family drama series

The Malans are a regular middle-class Afrikaans family living in Paarl. In this enjoyable new kykNET series, join them on their journey as they face challenges and grow together. 

It’s been a while since South African television had a warm and endearing show that’s truly a “family drama series”. Alles Malan is just that, a show the whole family can watch together.

Take a sneak peek at Alles Malan, starting soon on DStv's kykNET

Alles Malan, meaning “everything Malan” and produced by Red Letter Day Pictures, kicks off as a coming-home tale about the return of Derik and Brenda’s son Frik, his wife Tessa, their teenage daughter and adopted son.

Having lived in the United Kingdom for some time, moving back to South Africa is quite an adjustment. Frik has to take over the family’s transport business from his dad (which is also where his younger brother, Nico, works). Lawyer and mother Tessa is wondering what she will do next. Their daughter Elani is hiding a secret and their son, Freek, is struggling to find his place in the world.

Younger brother Nico has been working at Malan Vervoer for years yet still has unrealistic dreams of becoming a rugby player. He’s also been dating local high school drama teacher Lee-Anne for years, but still doesn’t seem to be ready to commit. Lee-Anne is loving, caring and compassionate but struggles to find her own voice and tends to put everybody else’s needs before her own.

Every family has secrets, inevitable problems, conflict and struggles, but part of what makes life worthwhile is the way family members stick together and help one another to get through difficult times.

Meet the cast of Alles Malan

  • Derik (Albert Maritz): Patriarch of the family hiding a secret. He’s the owner of Malan Vervoer and is about to retire.

  • Brenda (Elsabé Daneel): The modern matriarch who wants nothing but the best for all of her grown children and grandchildren.

  • Frik (Ivan Zimmerman): The elder son who returns from England with his “perfect” family to take over the running of the family business.

  • Tessa (Nadia Valvekens): A successful lawyer and mother currently trapped in the role of housewife.

  • Elani (Greteli Fincham) and Freek (Matheo Olivier): Frik and Tessa’s 17-year-old daughter who discovers a big secret when the family returns to South Africa. Their 14-year old adopted son is battling with his identity.

  • Nico (Sean-Marco Vorster): The younger son of Derik and Brenda who has commitment issues and decides to pursue his dream of becoming a rugby coach.

  • Lee-Anne (Nicole Fortuin): An Afrikaans high school teacher who has been dating Nico since high school and is wondering why he hasn’t asked her to marry him yet.

Meet the members of the Malan family!

Watch Alles Malan from Tuesday, 9 July on kykNET on channel 144 at 20:00.