Two okes making dude food in unexpected places

The weird, wonderful and gourmet-cooking bearded chefs are back for season two of Baard, Bos en Kos.

In this quirky and insightful Afrikaans lifestyle show, chef John Hall and the beard-oil boss Meyer le Roux prepare exotic and enticing meals in unexpected locations. Now the modern, bearded bush blokes are back for a second season on VIA to share fascinating recipes once again – and you can try them too!

John Hall is a professional chef while Meyer le Roux is the owner of Buffelsfontein Baard-olie but besides that, they’re also best buds. In their cooking show, the bearded duo heads off to unexpected places to whip up creative dishes using strange equipment and techniques. In the first season, viewers watched them doing crazy things such as cooking chicken in a pot on a car engine in the middle of the Karoo and catching and smoking trout under a waterfall.

What makes Baard, Bos en Kos entertaining and well worth watching is not just the entertainment value of seeing to professionals cooking in awe-inspiring places, but them sharing their first-hand knowledge so that viewers can try it themselves.

“A beard must shine,” quips John about the manly upkeep of his face space which is part of the signature look of the show. “It should look like you’ve just eaten 11 lamb chops all by yourself. Good beard oil is important and [remember to] wash your beard every second day. Comb your beard every morning before you apply oil. I have mine trimmed every second week to keep it in tip-top shape.”

Regarding ingredients for cooking, his advice is also straightforward and simple: “Buy South African. We have some of the world’s best products – from meat to olive oil and wine. If you’re going to marinate, put in the effort and marinate it for no less than two days – it makes a big difference in taste. And if you can, buy grass-fed meat. You won’t regret it!”

Meyer – who spends less time caring for his beard… about seven minutes a day tops – says that he has been extremely impressed with John’s culinary knowledge.

“His understanding of spices is impressive and he knows exactly what goes well together. He also knows at what temperature to prepare different meat – something I didn’t give much thought or attention to before we started this series.”

When it comes to one cookbook that should be in every kitchen, John recommends Meat Manifesto by Andy Fenner, while Meyer’s choice is The Anarchist Cookbook by William Powell.

Watch Baard, Bos en Kos on Fridays on VIA (147) at 17:30.
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