There was a stir in the hospital corridors on Afrikaans soapie Binnelanders that had everyone dropping their hand sanitiser the very same night President Cyril Ramaphosa announced a nationwide lockdown late March 2020 as the world sought more drastic measures to curb the spread of the deadly Covid-19 coronavirus. Nurse Pippa had popped up, just escaping those worldwide travel bans. And she’s back with a mission: Pippa wants answers from Rian, her ex-husband who faked his death in 2016 after he tried to poison Binneland’s big boss At Koster to steal his position as hospital CEO. It was spectacular timing for actress Nadia Valvekens.

Ready, set go

Nadia enjoyed being back on the Binnelanders set for this storyline after her character left the show in May 2019 when Pippa moved to Australia with her new detective hubby Lieb Liebenberg.

“It felt like coming home and spending some time with the family,” she says. “Things were also different with a lot of new faces working on the production, but in the end, I loved coming back.”

For one thing, the actress is keen to see Pippa confront Rian.


Rian recap

Rian has a lot to answer for, insists Nadia. “He left Pippa alone, helpless and pregnant with their baby boy Dian (played by Noah Geldenhuys, who is the nephew of Nadia’s co-star Germandt Geldenhuys, aka Louis on the soapie) because he wanted to have all the power,” says Nadia.

Rian recently “rose from the dead” when he returned to South Africa in July 2019 after hiding overseas. He was desperate to find Pippa and his son to finally form a relationship. In-between his business deals, Rian has been searching for his wife, only for Pippa to rock up on her own accord now, eager to have the upper hand.

Deadbeat dad

Pippa however is determined to shield her son from Rian. “She wants to move on with her life and protect Dian from Rian, whether he is Dian’s biological father or not,” says Nadia. “And that is exactly what she tells Rian while she’s in Pretoria. He is not worthy of being Dian’s dad and he will not be part of the boy’s life.”

His two cents

And because it takes two to tango, we asked actor Erik Holm what his character Rian has up his sleeve. “Rian is desperate to know Dian and ultimately be a father, but it seems Pippa is not going to allow him to do that. That he cannot accept,” insists Erik.

In the coming weeks, things are going to heat up on Binnelanders as Rian and Pippa’s battle for Dian wages on. And in typical soapie style, there will be fireworks, shocking revelations and cliff-hangers that fans will not want to miss!

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