The broadcast of S13 of the ever-popular Afrikaans reality show Boer Soek ’n Vrou, the local reality show in which farmers get the opportunity to meet their potential soulmate, almost didn’t happen. The COVID-19 pandemic had 2020’s filming schedule on the ropes, and it usually takes quite some time because the farms are scattered around the country, which means a lot of hours on the road racking up the mileage. But after a lot of work, adjustments and sacrifices, it finally aired in January 2021.

“It was a challenge to get things back on track,” says Marciel Hopkins, who had a baptism of fire when she joined the series as presenter for the first time in S13. “Our show essentially brings people together, where COVID wanted us to keep the distance between people. But despite restrictions, we still made an amazing show and love still conquered all.”

By S13’s reunion episode (now available on Catch-Up), 6 out of the 10 farmers had found love and since then, there have been some other developments.

So if you’re a farmer looking for love, now is the time to sign up for S14!

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Did love win S13?

“Love isn’t always guaranteed when it comes to Boer Soek ’n Vrou,” says Marciel. “With time, not all the relationships that are formed on the show will last, but what I think sets Boer apart from other dating shows is that we don’t choose who the participants will be, the ladies decide to send their letter to the farmer they fancy. And the farmer makes his own decision which of the ladies who wrote to him he wants to get know better.” In Marciel’s words, it’s “Boer Soek ’n Vrou magic”. But in S13, love blossomed for the farmers. Here is a little peek into what’s going on with them as we head into mid-April 2021…


Niel & Chereze

32-year-old Niel, a fruit farmer from Grabouw, was a divorcé looking to find love again. And man, did he fall hard for the beautiful Chereze, who was one of his top-3 potential love interests.

He and Chereze came to the reunion of S13 and it looks like things are still going strong. “Things are going great with me and Chereze. We’re really in a good place. We have already talked about the next step, and are working on some future plans for us. I’m very excited. Love definitely won,” says Niel.


Kobus & Nastassja

Farmer Kobus, a widower from Randfontein, shocked viewers when he sent both ladies home in episode 12, when he had to make his final decision about who he wanted to stay on the farm and start a relationship with.

But by the reunion episode, there was hope because Kobus rocked-up with a new lady on his side, Nastassja, after meeting her outside the show.

“Love always wins when you make the right decision,” says Kobus. “That’s why I took Nastassja to the reunion. She is very, very special to me and I wanted to introduce her to South Africa.”


PF & Chantelle

PF, a third-generation farmer from Laingsburg, didn’t make it to the Top 5 farmers as he didn’t receive enough letters from the ladies. But in the end, he hit the jackpot and his love story at the reunion even gave Marciel goosebumps.

Chantelle, a teacher, wrote to PF while she was still working in China and put her cousin’s South African number on her letter. PF phoned the cousin, who eventually gave him Chantelle’s number when she came back to South Africa. Chantelle reveals that when he first called her, she thought she was being pranked and didn’t believe him when he said who he was. But he must have convinced her, because they decided to meet, and the rest is history!

“It's going fantastic,” says PF. “Chantelle and I have been together for almost 7 months. She moved closer to my farm and now teaches school here and we are both excited about what the future holds. I’m 100% convinced I’ve run into the right one. I’m very happy.”


Déan & Marné

Déan, a pilot and Macadamia farmer from Nelspruit, went to the reunion with Marné, his final choice, but they only went as friends. Déan became quite emotional when he spoke to Marciel about not being in a romantic relationship with Marné. But in the end, he said there was just something missing between them.

Now things are looking a bit different for Déan. He and Megan, who was part of his top 3 but was sent home first, have been in a relationship for over a month now. “It is going really well. I am very happy,” he says.


Albert & Marlia

The 24-year-old red-headed farmer from Clanwilliam didn’t find love with Marlia on the show, but that doesn’t mean he is single, either. “Love did win in the end,” says Albert. “Many of our farmers and some of the women who entered follow each other on Instagram. This is how Chanté and I – she was in my top 5 – made contact again. Chanté lived in Pretoria and completed her clerkship last year. In February, she posted a photo and when I asked her what she was doing in the Cape, she let me know she was looking for a place to live because she had found a job in the Cape. I went to visit her and without all the cameras, we could get to know each other better. From there, things happened.”


Hannes and Stephan

Hannes, the 52-year-old widower from Kroonstad, and Stephan, the 40-year-old cattle farmer from Lichtenburg, both arrived alone at the reunion. But things have changed since then. Hannes has informed us he met someone else who had written him a letter. And Stephan says his participation in the programme has encouraged his search for love. “I have not met or even dated anyone in Lichtenburg in 2 years, but I have already met quite a few ladies, including some of those who wrote letters to me.” He says he is seeing someone at the moment, but they are taking it slow.”



The 25-year-old graduate who, after some time in the city, decided that the family farm in Dullstroom is for him, believes that the man upstairs has a plan for him. “At the moment I am single. Unfortunately, things did not work out as I had hoped since I was on the show, but there is a plan for everything.”



The 25-year-old farmer from Arlington says that he has someone to hang out with. “She gets a bit moody with the little attention I give her, as we are harvesting at the moment, but this is a farmer’s life,” explains Marthinus.

“She lives in the Cape and that also makes it a bit difficult. Apart from the phone, we have seen each other twice. I am keeping her name private for now because it is still early days.”


Farming and music

If you did your counting, you would notice 1 farmer and his lady are missing… No, we didn’t forget about Richann and René – we actually want to talk a bit more about this musical couple. Yes, not only did they find love on Boer Soek ’n Vrou, they also discovered they make a pretty awesome musical duo called Reën and they just dropped their first single called Vrystaat Vlaktes!

“It’s amazing,” says Marciel about what happened between Richann and René. “Sony Records signed them and here they are making music when they initially just entered Boer to find love.”

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You could be part of S14!

Boer Soek ’n Vrou has been renewed for a 14th season and entries are open for farmers to become part of the show, which will kick off in January 2022.

“This show is remarkable, and I can’t wait to meet the farmers for S14, which I will be presenting again,” says Marciel. “Be brave and take a chance to find love!”

How to enter:


Call Marche Media @ 079 335 5137

Send an email to [email protected] (please note – .media and not .com/

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