Boity: Own Your Throne gives fans and viewers exclusive access into the life beyond the headlines of local superstar Boitumelo "Boity" Thulo.

In the show, the actress, rapper and TV host gives viewers a front-row seat into her busy life. She’s also opened up about the things that mean the most to her, like her family, her ancestry and her commitment to helping women and girls live their truth with confidence.

All real, all the time

It’s not always about business for the Potchefstroom-born star; family is always the most important. In her show, Boity zoomed in on her close relationship with her mother, Modiehi Thulo. Just like any mother-daughter relationship, they have their ups and downs but through it all, they’ve shown that their bond is unbreakable.

Boity was raised in a single parent household she believes that she wouldn’t change anything about her family dynamic. Would viewers have known all of this about Boity if she hadn’t decided to do the reality show? Probably not. So, why did she choose to allow fans this kind of access to her personal life?

“Now is the perfect time because I think I’m more comfortable in terms of being grounded in a vulnerable state with my supporters and my fans,” Boity says. “I know who I am now.”

Owning the moment

With a successful career, Boity is certainly redefining what it means to be a queen in 2020. She believes that it’s not about following what others are doing but pursuing the things that you love. “For me, it’s just being less afraid of exploring more of what you love… Being more fearless in terms of pursuing the desires of your heart,” she says. “I think that does a lot for your soul, your being and that’s where the queendom resides.”

We stan Boity because through her life, she encourages fans to stay true to who they are. “It’s so much easier to run your own race.”

Watch Boity: Own Your Throne every Wednesday at 21:30 on MTV (DStv 130).

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