Good news: Bolhuis, the popular programme featuring the private investigator Mike Bolhuis, is back on kykNET on 31 July 2019.

In this new series he shows how he goes about fighting crime and getting the bad guys behind bars.

In this season, Bolhuis is on the lookout for international fugitives, he focuses on murder and fraud and he has a look at new drugs targeting schoolchildren. The occult is also investigated and Bolhuis tries to save a town and in his own unique manner he gives advice on love.

We see the softer side of Bolhuis when he visits Kimberley to release flamingos that he saved after a drought and there is even a wedding on the horizon. And just like with the previous season, Bolhuis calls a spade a spade.

The first series of Bolhuis immediately caught viewers attention and they took to social media to voice their opinions of the program.

“I think this is one of the best shows ever. The person behind the detective is shown honestly and without pretention.”

“Excellent program. Won’t miss it for anything.”

“Mike Bolhuis and producers and all, simply the best. Thank you. Love homegrown series and happenings. Keep going, kykNET.”

When the first season ended, viewers asked for more. One viewer wrote: “I really hope there will be more. There must be a heap of cases that can still be filmed. I like Mike!”

The viewers asked and kykNET answered. The new series starts on 31 July at 20:00 on kykNET, channel 144. The first series will be shown on the same day at 21:00 on kykNET&kie.