Former President Zuma Testifies

It’s been a week of legal head-butting and obfuscation in the much-anticipated appearance of former President Jacob Zuma before the Judicial Commission into allegations of state capture led by Deputy Chief Justice Raymond Zondo. Claiming he’s the target of a long-standing political conspiracy, the former president raised fresh allegations of a plot to kill him and denied his friendship with the Gupta family had any bearing on government appointments. Carte Blanche examines the importance of this week’s testimony in the bigger political and judicial landscape.

Producer: Sophia Phirippides
Presenter: Derek Watts

Cyber Impersonation Scam

From your bank account details to your home address – your emails hold a treasure trove of personal information about you and every transaction you make can be traced right back to your electronic signature. Every day in South Africa people transfer and receive funds, using the internet and from the comfort of their own homes – but where there’s money moving, criminals aren’t far behind. Now, by intercepting and impersonating you on your emails, cyber hackers are making off with thousands of rands in fraudulent electronic transfers. Carte Blanche investigates.

Producer: Nicky Troll
Presenter: Devi Sankaree Govender

Vigilante Justice

Against the backdrop of South Africa’s soaring crime rate and the outsourcing of safety and security to private companies in suburbia, Carte Blanche gets unprecedented access to the well-organised and notorious Mayitsha group that has become prosecutor, judge and executioner for anyone accused of crime in their Eastern Cape home village – and they claim a startling success rate. Research shows that 3% of South Africans belong to vigilante groups. Can this kind of outsourced justice restore the peace or will it further perpetuate division in a country where citizens are fed up with the high levels of violence.

Producer: Tarryn Crossman
Presenter: Macfarlane Moleli

Johnny Clegg – A Giant among Men

Carte Blanche pays tribute to legendary musician, songwriter and activist Johnny Clegg. Best known for some of his iconic hits such as ‘Impi’ and ‘Asimbonanga’ – a song paying homage to Nelson Mandela and other struggle stalwarts of his time – the man fondly known as the ‘White Zulu’ succumbed to pancreatic cancer earlier this week. As South Africa mourns the passing of yet another musical giant, we remember a man who embraced, comforted and fought for his compatriots, during a time in this country when it was dangerous to do so.

Producer: Diana Lucas
Presenter: Claire Mawisa

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