Die Byl follows the work of an elite squad of investigators whose sole mandate is to catch and prosecute serial killers. The success of S1 and 2 (available on Showmax) has won the series not only a third season but a S4 renewal already, which will air by 2022.

For now, viewers can sink their teeth into S3, which makes its debut Tuesday, 27 April on kykNET (DStv channel 144). Amateur sleuths can follow Piet van der Bijl (Waldemar Schultz) as he tracks a new set of serial killers, and he might also be grappling with an old enemy who just doesn’t want to die!

Leon Kruger, creator and writer of Die Byl, is on tenterhooks about the new season. “If you thought Byl and his team were in danger in S2, I hope the audience will quickly down some sugar water as soon as S3 starts, because Byl & Co are going to face something much worse…”

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Storylines to keep in mind

Over the course of 14 episodes in Die Byl S2, Byl and his team investigated a variety of serial killers, including a hypnotherapist who killed patients who looked like his domineering wife (episode 9), as well as a pharmacist who slaughtered his school bullies 1 by 1 and sold their organs on the black market (episode 11).

In-between cases, Byl also had to deal with his own problems, as he was targeted by serial killer Smiley (Deon Lotz), a man he put behind bars in S1. Smiley overturned his sentence with the help of Adriaan Kloppers (Laudo Liebenberg) and systematically harassed Byl and his team. Eventually, Adriaan himself shot Smiley and executed his own revenge plan on Byl and his crew – in retaliation for the death of his mother years back at Byl’s hands.

Byl’s boss, General Neels van As (Tertius Meintjies), saved Byl’s life at the last minute by shooting Adriaan. But Neels himself, as well as Byl’s ex-wife, Carien van der Bijl (Rolanda Marais), and his colleague, liaison officer Ellie Bonthuys (Barbara-Marié Immelman), all died at Adriaan’s hand. As S3 begins, those deaths still weigh heavily on Byl’s conscience.


Ruthless killer Adriaan made life extra hard for Byl and his team.

Smiley’s long shadow

In S3, Byl and his unit are reeling in the wake of their Smiley and Adriaan Klopper nightmare-saga. They are traumatised and on the brink of losing their offices, in addition to Byl’s own job being prepped for the chopping block. Leon says that with the new season, it was important for him to reward the viewers with a story they had not yet seen, as well as to challenge the characters.

“I believe the intensity will be much the same or even stronger in S3, as the viewer and I know that there are loose threads that need to be tied,” says Leon. One of those loose ends is Adriaan Klopper himself. In the final episode of S2, he was connected to life support machines that were shut down after a court order was issued. But as the noise of the machines faded, Adriaan opened his eyes, leaving us dangling on a cliff-hanger!

“I can’t reveal right now that Adriaan is alive, but his impact on the team is still lasting 6 weeks after their confrontation with him at the end of S2,” says Leon. Sergeant Juan Stuurman (Marvin-Lee Beukes) and Byl are finding it especially difficult to shake off that day. It’s understandable: Juan was Adriaan and Smiley’s hostage in the episode, and he suffered immensely at the hand of Smiley, who severed both of Juan’s Achilles tendons.

“The pain of his severed Achilles, as well as the emotional pain Juan is in, is a heavy burden he deals with in S3,” explains Marvin-Lee. “He may have escaped with his life, but he no longer knows how to live.” Marvin-Lee further reveals that his character will resort to other drugs to alleviate his physical pain.


Juan isn’t the same man since the horrific events of S2.

S3 sleaziest killer

S3 isn’t just about Adriaan and the effect he had on the team .“Viewers will see a broken Byl,” adds Waldemar. “The new season will take things to another level, and we will see so many new facets of Byl.” And Leon promises that there will be interesting serial killers. One in particular stands out. “The most shameful guy I’ve ever created starts making his appearance in S3,” says Leon. “Sometimes it was so difficult to write about him that I lay awake at night thinking about this person’s humanity, or lack thereof. Opposed to him, Adriaan and Smiley are but a blip in the radar.”


Byl is broken man in s3 and keeps his distance from his team at first.

The rest of the team & new characters

Besides Byl and Juan’s struggles, the rest of the team also face challenges in the new season.

  • Advocate Nicki Swanepoel’s (Milan Murray)role expands tremendously in preparation for S4, she also heads her own investigation into a shipping container full of missing children who were brutally killed.
  • Doc Fritz Barnard (Eric Nobbs), the coroner, is the glue that keeps the team together, but he becomes a target Byl never expected.
  • Captain LenaEvans (Lika Berning), the profile analyst, struggles immensely with choosing her family over her career.
  • Andforensic expert Doctor Shani van Rooi (Trudy van Rooy) will come into full force, but when varsity friend makes her unexpected appearance, she makes life unbearable for Shani.

Nicki has her hands full with an investigation of her own in the new season.

A string of new faces are arriving to make an impression in S3, too, including Zane Meas as the new Commander, Amalia Uys as the mysterious Jo Verwey, Sean Cameron Michael as Harold Vermeer, and Frank Rautenbach as Colonel Trotski.

Watch Die Byl S3 from Tuesday, 27 April on kykNET (DStv channel 144) at 20:00

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