Rejoice in the Republic with Karen Zoid

Her music-infused talk show on kykNET is filled with artists, collaborations and revealing conversations. 

Singer and talk show host Karen Zoid, who’s also a judge on The Voice SA, loves to chat up a storm while she meticulously crafts singing sensations in her groundbreaking creative collaborations. These she does with a spectrum of local musicians and artists who drop by for a visit on her couch.

The unique weekly Afrikaans talk show quickly became iconic after its debut, with several of the collaborative songs performed by Karen and her guests shooting up to number one on iTunes in South Africa.

Just like how Ellen DeGeneres dances with her audience, the joy of Republiek is watching and immersing yourself in the unexpected and wonderful ongoing musical permutations of both classic and modern-day songs that continue to top the charts after they’re performed on-stage during episodes.

The show has won several South African Film and Television Awards (SAFTAs) in the best talk show category and is not just about music. Karen interviews a range of people who can’t hold a note but whose life stories are utterly mesmerising.

Sport stars, actors, heroes, South African icons, as well as ordinary people who’ve done amazing things, continue to frequent Karen’s couch with gripping, funny and revealing personal stories. They open up about their lives and how they’ve managed to succeed in what they did.

“I would never classify myself as an actress or an interviewer,” Karen quipped in a 2018 interview with Die Burger newspaper. “When I sing a song in an episode it better be very good because that’s what the audience know me for but with the interviews I do just what I feel like. I want to play because I love what I’m doing.”

“With this show we have the opportunity to relook songs that we love and to rediscover them on a whole new level – to investigate songs that we’ve always wondered about, to analyse it and to find out: Wow, this is a complex melody!”

“I’ve truly never believed that we would reach such a large audience,” said Karen. “I thought Republiek would be for my fans, but it just kept growing.”

“It’s because of the collectivity of diversity – musical diversity, cultural diversity, diversity of generations, poor people, brand-new artists, politicians, and artists who’ve been in the industry for 40 years already. It’s about sitting and talking and asking: Where do you come from? What do you think about? Togetherness. I think people come alive when they watch the show; I know I do.”

Watch season 4 of Die Republiek van Zoid Afrika on Tuesdays on kykNET & kie (145) at 20:30.
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