Can you fake it till you make it? Lasizwe can.

Lasizwe has just turned 21, and he’s living large. See why as Fake It Till You Make It S3 struts onto our screens.

Say what you like about social media personality and controversial comedian Lasizwe, he’s no stranger to the spotlight. With the new season of Fake It Till You Make It, you’ll get to see him up close and personal, in all his moods and guises.

Living large

In the world of influencers and social media sensations, Lasizwe has made sure his name is among the movers and shakers. He’s been criticised and even trolled for his OTT personality and stunts. But Lasizwe Dambuza has not let the naysayers deter him from his mission, which is, of course, to fake it till he makes it.

His reality series, Fake It Till You Make It, is now in its second season on MTV, and at just 21 years old, Lasizwe can teach his peers a thing or two about entrepreneurship. Known for the multiple personalities that he portrays on his vlogs, he has used his social media platform to his benefit and partnered up with big brands and is a radio DJ at Touch HD Online radio.

Lasizwe is not a sham

Fake It Till You Make It is not Lasizwe’s first rodeo on MTV. He was one of the presenters on You Got Got, a one-of-a-kind show on MTB Base Africa where celebrities were pranked by comedian Toll Ass Mo and his team of “outlawz”, which included Lasizwe. He’s also an activist for the LGBTQ community, partnering with Anova Health Institute’s Young Heroes, an NGO that seeks to educate and protect the rights of the LGBTQ community.

The showbiz gene is also in the family. Lasizwe is the younger brother of actress and socialite Khanyi Mbau. The two are often seen together and the resemblance is clear – and not just in the bubbly personality either. On Fake it Till You Make It, you’ll see how he copes with criticism and conflict, makes business decisions, prepares for some of the country’s top social soirées and navigates family dynamics.

Fake It till You Make It S3 starts Monday, 3 August 2020 on MTV (DStv 130) at 21:30