In this fresh, fun series the search for love has been into a team sport, inviting family members, friends and colleagues to help find The One.

Sunday nights are about to get even more exciting for M-Net viewers on 6 October 2019, when a brand new original-format reality series, Finding The One, debuts at 18h00. The show, conceived and developed in South Africa, puts a fresh spin on traditional dating approaches and turns the search for love into a team sport, inviting family members, friends, colleagues and the like to join in on the matchmaking fun!

The focus of the series is on singletons who haven't had much success in their search for love. Three trusted allies join forces to tackle a challenge abounding with pitfalls: playing matchmaker! They sift through numerous potential candidates on behalf of their searching suitor and take them through a series of appraisals. The candidates have to endure group dates, hard-hitting questions and even home snoops! All in an attempt to score their adored single friend a date with their perfect match.

Here's the big question that will be answered for contestants during the course of the show: Do your "teammates" know you as well as they think they do and do they have a clue what's best for you, even if you don't? There are bound to be hits, misses and foul play.

The search for love is a serious business, but should always come with a healthy dollop of laughter. Cue in funnyman Rob van Vuuren, who will provide running commentary on proceedings. It's a team sport after all!

Tune in to see how the game of love unfolds!

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Finding The One is produced by Okuhle Media.

Finding The One starts on Sunday 6 October on M-Net (101) at 18h00
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