Afrikaans drama Fynskrif returns to kykNET (DStv 144) on Tuesday, 14 April at 20:00 and it’s one fans don’t want to miss, says actress Crystal-Donna Roberts. If you do miss an episode, you can find it on DStv Catch Up.

Season 3 is Fynskrif’s final showing and “the best thing is that Thandi is back,” says Crystal-Donna about her sassy clerk character, Thandi Ndlovo. Thandi left law firm Van Wyk & Vennote in Season 1 following the uproar after confidential client files were leaked to the public in a breach of ethics.

In Season 2, lawyer siblings Lara (Tinarie van Wyk-Loots) and Ben (Neels van Jaarsveld) worked hard to get the firm back on its feet, but there were also shockers that sent the lawyers spinning. Lara’s loveboat was sinking when her hubby Jaco (Jacques Bessenger) left after learning that Lara was still working with a client who’d made moves on her. And Ben was (and is) plagued with worry over his ex-girlfriend Katrien (Cintaine Schutte) landing in hospital with bleeding on her brain after she was attacked by a former client. The brother and sister are also still in shock over the discovery that their mom, René (Susanna Beyers), has a brain tumour.

“Viewers can look forward to a new dose of drama as things take a personal turn for all the characters. They explore family matters and what exactly that means to them,” says Crystal-Donna. Mix in a matric farewell function, a wedding or two, as well as new and old faces popping in and Fynskrif promises to give the type of series finale you want.


Dark times

“The reason for Thandi’s absence during Season 2 will be revealed as this instalment progresses,” adds Crystal-Donna. “I can’t reveal too much, but what I can say is that Thandi went through a dark patch, and she is also carrying a secret that she never disclosed to Van Wyk & Vennote. When that comes to light, it will have a ripple effect.”

The Legal outfit

Crystal-Donna adores Thandi. “I loved watching legal dramas like Ally McBeal and Suits, and I dreamt of starring in a show like that. When Fynskrif came my way, I jumped at the opportunity and embraced Thandi.”

One major perk for Crystal-Donna is her character’s wardrobe of A-line skirts and killer heels. “I loved getting dressed for each scene, and even stuck to a healthy diet during production to ensure that I looked fabulous in Thandi’s outfits.”

A new love interest is on the horizon for Thandi in Season 3 too, and we shouldn’t underestimate Thandi’s drive to be become a lawyer either. “She won’t stop ’til her name is on the wall and it reads Van Wyk, Ndlovo & Vennote,” says the actress.

An eye for detail

A new face joining Van Wyk & Vennote in Season 3 is lawyer Inge Senekal, played by Nicole Holm. Inge will be handling the family law division at the firm.

“Inge has an eye for detail and sees things the other lawyers miss. That gives her an edge,” says Nicole. Inge starts off on the wrong foot though, especially with Lara, when she opposes Lara in a divorce case between an elderly couple. “But before long, she will win over Lara, and Inge becomes the new unofficial mother figure in the firm,” adds Nicole.

Besides her mother-hen position, Inge will also play a vital role for at least one of male lawyers, who has serious issues regarding children and his loss around it. “Inge will be the mentor he has longed for,” says Nicole.


New to the party

Fynskrif’s production environment made a great impression on newcomer Nicole. “I came into a well-oiled machine. I was blown away by the efficiency on set, but I also enjoyed working with director Nina Smit, who brought out the best in not just me but all of the cast and crew while filming.”

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