Lekker legal drama in the second season of Fynskrif

The Afrikaans drama series set at a Cape Town law firm is back with familiar and some new faces, more court cases and a lot of turmoil. 

Viewers can’t get enough of the intrigue at the law practice of Van Wyk & Vennote – Fynskrif has already been renewed for a third season for 2020. In the meantime, it’s three months after the end of the first season, and all the unresolved issues and cliffhangers are resolved. Of course, a whole new set of problems, challenges and intrigue awaits the characters – after all, “fynskrif” means “small print”, that little big thing that lawyers excel at.

The future of the law firm is precarious since Hans van Wyk (Chris van Niekerk) retired and his daughter Lara Kruger (Tinarie van Wyk Loots) took over as the big boss. She is trying her utmost to save the practice and to find new clients, leading to further tension in her marriage to Jaco (Jacques Bessenger).

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Singer client Ivan (Armand Aucamp) is back with more antics, and the romance between lawyer Dolf (Charlton George) and clerk Gertrude (Elana Afrika-Bredenkamp) deepens.

New characters making an appearance include Simon (De Klerk Oelofse), a client, and Lilani (Lea Vivier), who joins the firm as a clerk and who hides a dark past with Corné (Beer Adriaanse). Viewers will also meet Corné’s mom, Jana (Hélène Truter), and Christelle (Rolanda Marais), who shows up as a former flame of Corné’s dad, who disappeared.

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There won’t be a moment’s rest for the Fynskrif legal eagles as they have to deal with cases ranging from divorce and unfair dismissal to intellectual property rights issues and even assault charges.

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