“Will he guess the right dress?”

The biggest test of a relationship is how well you know your partner, or at least how well you think you know them. What better way to test a groom’s love for his future wife than by letting him do something as simple as guessing what her favourite dress will be.

On Guess the Dress, airing every Monday on WAT 17:30 |CAT 18:30 |EAT 19:30, a bride gets to hunt for her dream dress in a picturesque bridal boutique. Aided by family and friends, she takes her time and weighs her options. The groom also gets in on the action as he has to guess which dress he thinks his bride will pick. We follow their journey to love as they reflect on their relationship, how they met, their personal ups and downs and their journey to the altar. In this emotional journey, we get to see how compatible the couple actually is, and whether pressure brings them closer.

In the end, if he guesses right, they win a cash prize. Will he guess the right dress?

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