Oldies are gold in kykNET’s new retirement sitcom

A new life – and senior citizens – await Molly when she becomes the new matron at a retirement home filled with quirky staff and zany residents.

In the series finale of Ouboet en Wors, Molly (Lizz Meiring) lost her job as a dentist’s assistant when her employer decided to emigrate… but now a life-changing experience is waiting in the wings in the spin-off series, Huis Lelieveld.

Molly gets a new job as the matron at a retirement home and there’s never a dull moment as she, together with viewers, are introduced to a new group of staff and residents doing the most in their golden years.

Viewers can prepare themselves to see some old and familiar faces, as well as a new character as Molly works alongside the centre’s staff, while they try to cope with the unending and madcap antics of the wacky people who live there.

“Molly is like a weed – everywhere, incredibly robust and extremely resilient,” explains Lizz. Her character’s husband, Wors (portrayed by Willie Esterhuizen, who is also the creator of this spin-off) will be dropping by frequently to check in about how his wife is doing in her challenging new job.

Also back is the handyman and driver Gielie Goosen (Wynand van Vollenstee) who has managed to get a job at the centre as well. The town gossip, Tannie Poppie (Hélène Truter) who’s now one of the Lelieveld residents, is back on our screens as well. The senior citizens simply adore the naive Gielie, while Tannie Poppie knows absolutely all the skinder… and isn’t shy about constantly sharing!

“Poppie gossips shamelessly. And she’s just as shameless about sharing her opinions,” says Hélène.

Some of the other Lelieveld residents who viewers will meet include: Fleur Pot (Elma Potgieter), Gielie’s mom Martha Goosen (Karin van der Laag), Louw Brand (Cobus Visser) and Blaartjie Brand (Yvonne Schoeman) – all with their own issues and eccentricities, ranging from a snob without money, a baker and an incessant complainer.

Poor Reverend Dou Droel (Matt Stern) tries in vain to keep the peace, together with his assistant Koekie de Kok (Lara Lourens). His dear adorable helper is actually also a temporary pole dancer in her spare time – but let’s not talk about that! Spanner Proes (Reginald Hufkie) is the centre’s colourful factotum responsible for all of the odd jobs.

“In this new series, viewers will see that golden oldies are just young people inhabiting older bodies. They’re still as involved with all kinds of mischief and antics,” explains Willie.

Watch Huis Lelieveld on Wednesdays, starting 30 October 2019 on kykNET (144) at 20:30.
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