Some celebrities dream of retiring to run a farm in the countryside. But they’re in for an eye-opener – and so are we – when Iewers In Afrika S2 returns to our screens in mid April on VIA (147).

Farm work is backbreaking and relentless. There’s no such thing as a holiday. That’s something our celebs are about to find out first-hand, as they get their hands dirty. In each episode, two famous faces leave the comfort of their homes and travel to a farm in Namibia, Mozambique and Zambia, and the adventure begins.

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We asked the newly initiated farmers to share the fruits of their labour…


Making tractor tracks

“It’s a lot of hard work, but after some time I really started to enjoy it and, in the end, I really felt part of the farmer and his family,” says Prontuit director and presenter Kabous Meiring. Kabous and actress Martelize Kolver get to work on the wine farm Boshoff Family Wines in the Otavi Valley in Namibia in episode 1. And Martelize looks very different to her role as Brenda in kykNET comedy Hotel, as the two help farmer Gilmar Boshoff feed the livestock and fertilize his vineyards.

Martelize is game for a laugh in this episode when she gets behind the wheel of a tractor, all dressed up in dungarees and a farm hat – almost a female version of Old MacDonald (yes, the song will be stuck in your head now). “I was pleasantly surprised when I saw her riding the tractor and looking like a proper farmer,” says Kabous. “Martelize did a stellar job and even upstaged some of the farm workers.”


Thank-you gifts

Episode 2 brings another kind of entertainment with Tropika Island Of Treasure host Katlego Maboe and Michael de Villiers – singing buddies from the former acapella group Flip-A-Coin – getting to grips with livestock on a cattle farm called Roomes Bonsmara in Mozambique. “Michael and I don’t shy away from hard work,” says Katlego. “We had such fun on the farm fixing fences and weighing cattle. It’s an experience I won’t forget.”

The highlight for Katlego during his journey on the farm was when he gave his thank- you gift to married farmers Rickus and Dominique Nel. “Their farm is quite far from town, and I would actually describe them living off the grid. My gift was a basket full of cosmetics and perfumes. Dominque especially loved it,” says Katlego. There’s nothing a farmer appreciates more than fine weather and a good bath to wash those cows right out of your hair.


The silent treatment

“I see myself as a world traveller,” says journo, TV personality and Landbouweekliks presenter Ivor Price, who features in episode 5 with Kay Karriem, editor of Kuier magazine. “I have visited a variety of countries in Africa and Europe, and looked forward to participating on this show. I saw it as a mini vacation. But little did I know that I would be working rather than resting,” Ivor remarks.

In Zambia on a farm called Mweka, Ivor and Kay help farmer Gerrit Bronkhorst work the fields, harvest corn, catch fish and nick calves. “I was out of my element and knee-deep in manure and mud, but the more I worked the more I seemed to enjoy it, especially when I realised how much it helped the farmer and his workers,” says Ivor.

Laugh-inducing moments in this episode include Kay screaming her lungs out when a scorpion is found in her room. “Lucky I quickly got help from Gerrit and we removed the scorpion,” says Kay.

“The best thing about this experience is the calm and the silence I felt. I never slept so deeply as I did on the farm. And for that reason, I will truly treasure this experience,” Ivor adds.

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