Ifalakhe: A tale of two brothers

New South African drama Ifalakhe will have you gripped from the very first episode, as a king’s prayers are answered – with deadly consequences.

In the beginning…

The story starts with Khombindlela, a just but arrogant king who has seven daughters and no sons. Just as the gods are about to take mercy on Khombindlela, he offends them, and of course, the gods then show him who is calling the shots by gifting him with not one, but two sons – and a prophecy of doom. With no witnesses to confirm who is the first born of his sons, the stage is set for disaster to strike.

Meet the brothers


Ifalakhe is the eldest brother and rightful king – however, he doesn’t know this and his inherent goodness and trust could cost him the throne. When their father Khombindlela dies, and Ifalakhe is blamed for his murder, he begins to question whether he’s worthy of the throne – something of which his brother, Busani, is all too willing to take advantage of.


Busani is the antithesis to Ifalakhe in every way. He’s dishonest, power hungry and intent on becoming the next king. His insecurities amplify his circumstances and it seems inevitable that he will fulfil the part of the prophecy that says he will plunge the nation into chaos and destruction.

And so the stage is set: with a desperate king, a prophecy that foretells death, and two brothers who are as different from each other as night and day…

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