A new captivating drama comes to Mzansi Magic

A young naive girl, a sinister cult, and a sister’s love — this is what you should expect from Mzansi Magic’s latest drama.

The Plot

Philiswa came from humble beginnings, which means that from early on, the odds were stacked against her, and hers would be a journey of constant survival and fighting just for basic necessities. Armed with resilience and a sisterly bond between her and Nomonde, Philiswa gets her feet in the door of tertiary education, but of course, nothing is for free, and lack of money has her dropping out just when she’s almost done. On she goes to seek Nomonde’s help, but alas! Her sister is no longer the warm, caring elder sibling she remembers. Nomonde is seemingly under the spell of a very manipulative and charming cult leader and true to the nature of any cult, it preys on the vulnerable and destitute.

With television evangelicals performing all kinds of ‘miracles’, and churches sprouting up like mushrooms in our country, we can’t help but marvel at the relevance of this drama — it tackles the reality of so many communities who turn to the church for solace and end up being trapped with no way out.

The cast

Vatiswa Ndara will be back on Mzansi Magic screens again. We last saw on her on Igazi, a dark mysterious drama set in the rural town of Coffee Bay where she played the cruel wife of the deceased chief (word from the grapevine is that she had a hand in that). The Golden Horn winner brings Nomonde’s role to life, while Brenda Ngxoli (The River) plays Nomonde.

Vatiswa will reunite with her fellow Home Affairs co-star Noluthando Meje, and

Anelisa Phewa (7de Laan) joins the cast of this compelling series as a member of this insidious cult. Phakamisa Zwedala, who recently enthralled us in the first season of The Republic, and on the Showmax original series The Girl from St.Agnes, comes in as another member of the cult and a master of deceit.

Ithemba S1 starts on Monday 7 October on Mzansi Magic (161) at 20:00
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