“Hello Mister Klop!” is what Heindrich Wyngaard hears when fans greet him on the street. As the host of popular kykNET & kie talk show Kô, La’t Ons Praat, he’s fast becoming a household name.

In this informative chat show, which recently celebrated its 50th episode, host Heindrich Wyngaard interviews local newsmakers, heroes, celebrities and experts about hot topics and community issues.

In an interview with Sarie magazine, Heindrich says that KLOP! “helps to keep Afrikaans alive by giving a voice to a broader group speakers of the language: Afrikaans-speaking people who might feel left behind on other Afrikaans platforms. The programme aims to be a celebration of and to reflect the diversity of Afrikaans.”

“Anybody who knows me will know that I’ve always been proudly Afrikaans and have been intensely concerned about the range of socio-economic problems facing us – whether its drug abuse or the hopelessness of rural communities. These are all issues we talk about on the show,” he says.

From mediator Hannes Adriaanse, youth pastor Ivor Swartz and social worker Valeska Constance discussing violence in schools to actor Abduraghmaan Adams talking about what’s next for the man behind Suidooster’s Ian October, KLOP! doesn’t shy away from tackling serious issues. But Heindrich also always makes sure there’s a healthy dose of humour and entertainment to keep viewers hooked.

Content producer Stephanie Pekeur, whose job it is to ensure that every weekly episode bubbles over with must-watch interviews and newsmakers said in an interview with Kuier magazine, “Our guests are kwaai, man! They range from the ordinary guy in the street to high-profile guests, to the aunty in the street making jam … our people are really busy doing and achieving things and their stories deserve to be told.”

For more unique Afrikaans stories, watch KLOP! on Wednesdays on kykNET & kie on channel 145 at 20:30 or stream it with DStv Now.