How do feel about your family? Are you still close after the nationwide lockdown? How would you feel about spending two months in quarantine together with the entire nation watching?

Two families will find out in kykNET’s brand-new reality show, Kwarantyn

On 10 June, the Le Roux and Scheepers families entered a 50-day quarantine in hopes of winning viewers’ votes that will help them win R250 000. The catch? They’re filmed 24/7, and viewers can tune in to see what they’re up to any time of the day on the brand-new Kwarantyn pop-up channel (DStv 149).

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Fun facts about Kwarantyn

  • The two houses are situated in a neighbourhood in Johannesburg.
  • It took the production team six weeks to get the houses ready, including renovating and interior decorating.
  • There are 56 cameras in the two houses.
  • The families are being watched 24/7 on 20 monitors in the control room.
  • The families are being watched 24/7 in three shifts within 24 hours. Nine team members work during one shift.
  • More than 100 production team members are involved in Kwarantyn.
  • Though the Kwarantyn houses are situated in Johannesburg, The Caretaker, Ferdinand Rabie, is situated in Cape Town. This is made possible using modern technology.

Week 1 in review

#TeamLeRoux and #TeamScheepers have been in the Kwarantyn houses for a week now and have already completed various activities, tasks, and challenges. From board games, karaoke singing and dancing to braai fun, food challenges, and a session behind the easel – their time on Kwarantyn have been anything but boring!

#TeamLeRoux decided on Day 2 to pull a prank on #TeamScheepers – would it be because viewers decided that only #TeamScheepers are allowed to eat dessert? Watch the prank here:

Mother Jana of #TeamLeRoux is also a real Mother Hen – she entertained young viewers on Day 4 with a story about their mascot, Gielie the Mealie. Listen to the story here:

Viewers regularly get the chance to decide which of two family members don’t have to take part in a challenge or an exercise routine. And, the more followers each family get on Instagram, the more spoils the families get. Currently, the families are neck in neck with followers. Find out here how to follow each family member on Instagram.

Viewers are also able to vote for their favourite families. Click here to view the are the various ways to vote:

Though the families are having fun, The Caretaker, Ferdinand Rabie, says that viewers can look forward to “lots of sports”. “Only one week has passed – a long time in the house still lies ahead,” he says. “I’m watching them carefully and still giving them time to adjust to things – soon I will start playing with them.”

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Highlight episodes are broadcast Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays at 17:00 and Wednesdays at 20:00 on kykNET DStv 144. 

Highlight episodes of Kwarantyn are also broadcast on kykNET&kie, DStv 145, on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays at 17:00.

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