If drama is the game, flashy telenovela Legacy, which airs Mondays to Thursdays on M-Net (DStv channel 101), is the name. Whether it’s about the Potgieters who’re just trying to get through each day, or the well-heeled Price clan who’re plunging a stiletto into their besties’ and enemies’ backs, there’s no shortage of head-turning storylines to keep viewers entertained.

And thanks to the courtroom case in April, we’re starting to see widowed Dineo Price (Kgomotso Christopher) in a whole new light…

Read on for a reminder of April’s delicious drama and a taste of what’s coming for May and the start of June with the Price family and everyone who’s pulled into their orbit…

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Foolish games


Dineo Price

Woah woah woah there, Nelly! Rein yourself in, lady! Sure, her hubby Sebastian Price (Deon Lotz) has been passed away a while ago, but the last person we expected to see Dineo locking lips with was her Legacy Investments colleague, Msizi Zulu (Siyabonga Thwala). Not only do they both sit on the board and have high, high, high-up positions – she’s CEO, he is head of group communications and is a non-executive director – but they’re also blurring the ethical lines. Dineo is a grieving widow who has just emerged victorious from an emotionally charged and heavy court case of Sebastian’s last will and testament, and Msizi is the typical ‘bad guy’.  But he is certainly charming… and well, okay so we can sort-of see why Dineo kissed him on the balcony…

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And now: Ja hey, that kiss is going to turn into a full-blown affair. And it’s not just the intimacy that the pair is craving – there’s an actual bond developing. You can see that Dineo is developing feelings for Msizi the more time they spend together, even though she tries to tell herself that it’s purely physical. June is going to be intense thanks to a confrontation, and it’s one that Msizi will make sure he misses…


Msizi Zulu

It’s no secret that he’s shady. He’s a bad guy who craves power. The more power he wraps his hands around, the more power he wants. And that’s what Msizi sees in Dineo: Control over Legacy Investments. When the screen panned over him in the courtroom in late April, Msizi’s words told Dineo “I’m here to support you”, but his expression and body language exposed his true intentions. There’s a problem for the businessman, though, and she’s going to burst onto the scene mid-May…

And now: Msizi might’ve been able to charm Dineo with his smooth performance, but how will he fare when his wife, Thandi Zulu (Lerato Zah), arrives and demands to know why he’s not sleeping at home? Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, but Thandi is an entirely different story, and she’s not about to let Msizi have his cake and eat it. Later in June, Msizi’s trouble will be compounded when he claims to be framed and only 1 person believes him: Stefan Potgieter (Sean-Marco Voster), who Msizi treated like trash and blackmailed at the start of the show…


Fight for what’s right

Petra Potgieter (Trix Vivier)

Petra has been through the most in the show’s first 7 months. From struggling to find a job and dealing with an embarrassing drunk dad, to being sidelined at work and then being fired for exposing Msizi for nepotism after he hired his unqualified son, Sims (Lunga Shabalala), in an ill-advised boardroom outburst. Things have at least started to turn around for Petra both personally and professionally. She’s found a new lover, Jonno (Richard Gau), and she got her job back at Legacy Investments. It’s not all sunshine and roses, though, and while Petra starts the month of May stepping on eggshells, she’s going to be swinging a baseball bat at a pinata by the end of the month.

And now: Petra’s new manager, Mike (Russel Savadier), is a super creep. He

makes sexist jokes, everything is laced with innuendo, he makes sleazy comments, and Petra is uncomfortable in his presence. But when he asks her to meet him at his hotel room and he’s wearing just a gown, Petra realises that she’s in trouble and needs help to deal with this male chauvinist pig. There’s just one problem: No one at Legacy believes her, and Petra is going to have to deal with Mike all by herself.


Felicity Price (Mary-anne Barlow)

April was tough for the eldest Price daughter when she was not only left out of her dad’s will, Felicity then saw her court case against her step-mom, Dineo, thrown out of court. At least her personal life is doing a lot better… mostly. Having re-married James (Robert Hobbs), despite learning that he’d had their son, Charlie (AJ Cullinan) kidnapped and ransomed, Felicity seems to be settling into wife-life rather well. And it’s helped her deal, to an extent, with what happened in court. But being a shark, Felicity is always sniffing for a drop of blood in the ocean…

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And now: Felicity goes for the jugular in mid-May when she uncovers Dineo and Msizi’s affair. That doesn’t mean she’s going to win – Felicity will have to fight tooth and nail to get one over Dineo, who has somehow been a step ahead of Felicity at every turn. As it turns out, Felicity may just have the perfect weapon to destroy Dineo: Felicity’s half-brother, SJ (Anton Jeftha), who she knows can be manipulated and turned into a hate-filled spiteful man…

May madness & June hijinx

Here are some of the storylines coming up in May, plus a taste of June on Legacy…

  • Lexi has the hots for a Legacy bigwig but Dineo doesn’t like it
  • Gordon and Angelique realise that Mike is a problem
  • James exposes Msizi and Dineo to Felicity and someone else…
  • Willem Potgieter wanders down the pathway to love
  • Sanele tries to help Petra when more women reveal Mike’s sex-pest crimes
  • Thandi reminds Msizi that she’s the boss in the marriage
  • Petra doesn’t like her dad Willem’s new relationship
  • SJ becomes spokesperson for his half-sisters in family affairs
  • Angelique has an online troll following her every move

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