With last week Thursday’s cliffhanger, Lexi and Sefako find themselves in a very sticky situation and on the wrong side of the law. After waking up from what is a traumatic car accident, Lexi realizes she killed a man and Sefako is left unconscious on the passenger seat.

To worsen a very bad decision, Lexi calls Felicity and tells her what happened. A very nervous Elizabeth has a feeling that something bad happened to Lexi and she tells SJ and Toya, but they tell her she is overreacting and that she should calm down. A very evil Felicity advises Lexi not to confess on anything while she devises a plan to pin everything on Sefako. Felicity insists on playing The Fixer to the whole situation and assures Elizabeth and Lexi that she will make all of this disappear in no time at the expense of using Sefako as a pawn. Sefako blames himself about the entire situation as he is under the impression that he was the one behind the wheel and Lexi lets him carry the lie and guilt on himself with influence from Felicity. The police raid the jovial Price family braai and arrest Sefako on suspicion of murder.

Angelique thinks she is bringing a very irresistible opportunity to the board when she meets up with Hans Van Zyl the CEO of Med-Ubuntu and pitches to Dineo, Nirvana and Msizi to bring him and the company on board, but a very alert Msizi warns them that Hans is a scam and a sham. A convinced Dineo and Nirvana buy into Angelique’s idea leaving Msizi watching from the fence and waiting for something to happen. Hans gives his proposition to the board about expanding his healthcare company through the whole of Africa. Msizi warns Angelique about Hans being a wanted man and even shows her proof to which comes as a shock to her and they now need to devise a plan to withdraw from the pending deal with him.

A much unexpected visitor makes a dramatic entrance at the Potgieter household causing Petra and Willem to panic. You can already tell that with this energy, nothing but trouble is about to follow. Andrew aka Andy, Willem’s old military friend makes an unexpected visit and he is met with a warm welcome. Andy comes bringing trouble as he is responsible for Willem going back to the bottle.

Coming up this week:

Monday 30 November:

Lexi’s night of fun turns to horror and difficult decisions have to be made

Just as the Potgieters family try to reconcile, they find themselves confronted with something new.

Two new characters also join the cast: Andy, an old friend of Willem Potgieter and Hans Van Zyl, Med-Ubuntu CEO and an old friend of Angelique.

Tuesday, 1 December 2020: “We Did a Bad Thing”

Felicity tries to clean up the loose ends from the drunk driving death.

Petra is worried about Andy's bad influence on her father.

Angelique brings an irresistible opportunity to the board.

Wednesday, 2 December 2020: “My Dear Lady Disdain”

After Angelique boasts about her night with Hans, Msizi breaks bad news: Hans is a wanted man.

Stefan has shocking news for Felicity: far from Lexi getting off scot-free, there’s something still tying her to the scene of the crash.

Thursday, 3 December 2020: “Old Habits”

Unable to recover the missing number plate from Lexi’s deadly car crash, Felicity prepares to pin the blame elsewhere.

Petra’s worst fears are realised about Uncle Andy, and his bad influence on Willem.

A new character is also introduced, Detective Komape.

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