5 things to know about Afrikaans comedy Lui maar op, Belinda

The hilarious new kykNET comedy series Lui maar op, Belinda revolves around the quirky staff of a general store in George who struggle to get anything done that even remotely resembles work.

With multiple calamities and crises ranging from big to small, there’s very little productivity taking place in the fictitious shop Ian & Ander in comedy series Lui maar op, Belinda (Ring it up, Belinda).

Here are five fun facts to know about Lui Maar op, Belinda

1.The meaning of the title

The “Belinda” in the title refers to the vain, faded star Belinda, brilliantly played by Brümilda van Rensburg of Egoli-fame. Belinda now works behind the till in the shop but still has delusions of grandeur and thinks she’s very famous. She’s rarely actually behind the cash register and often has to be called to her “station” with the gentle, yet firm and slightly sarcastic public in-store request to “Ring it up, Belinda”.

2. From Cape Town to George

While the comedy series is set in a fictional general store in George, it was filmed inside a giant sound stage at Atlantic Studios in Milnerton, Cape Town. Exterior shots were filmed in George, but the actual shop was constructed from scratch inside the studio. The set features incredible attention to detail, even including George newspapers that are “on sale” inside

3. Guest appearances to watch

Several actors make guest appearances in episodes, including Isadora Verwey, Marion Holm, Denise Newman, Therese Bam and Hannes van Wyk, along with many more.

4. Big names behind the scenes

The head writer of the comedy series is actor and writer Chris Vorster while the story idea came from Marcel Spaumer. Co-writers are Desiré Gardner of Suidooster-fame, along with Wessel Pretorius. The comedy was produced by Homebrew Films.

5. Incredible chemistry

The hilarious banter and flawless comedic timing between the actors – especially Brümilda as Belinda and Annelisa Weiland as Annetjie (who is famous for her role as Hilda on 7de Laan), is solid comedic gold.

“We as actors are working incredibly well together. It’s the biggest privilege,” said Annelisa. “We’ve never worked together before, although we’ve been in the industry for a long time.” Brümilda said, “It feels as if we’re on exactly the same page.” Annelisa added. “It’s a fun show. It’s amusing. I think it leaves viewers with a warm, fuzzy feeling.”

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Meet the cast

  • Ian Jantjies (Duncan Johnson): The middle-aged owner of the shop Ian & Ander, in George, who struggles to keep his unruly staff under control.
  • Maggie Jantjies (Carmen Maarman): Ian’s snobbish wife who often takes items from the shop without paying for them.
  • Belinda Swanepoel (Brümilda van Rensburg): A once-famous but still very vain actress who now finds herself behind the cash register – or that’s where she’s supposed to be.
  • Annetjie Nel (Annelisa Weiland): A retired accounting teacher and the shop’s sarcastic and strict bookkeeper who is really the one running everything.
  • Frans Wessels (Eric Nobbs): A charming gentleman who works in the DIY section and tries to keep the peace between Belinda and Annetjie, but who is much better at lifting heavy things.
  • Dirkie (Wian Taljaard): A young, inexperienced man who is suddenly hired as the new head of security but ends up having to do so much more.

Lui maar op, Belinda starts on Monday, 8 July on kykNET (144) at 20:00.