Getting married isn’t something to sneeze at. In fact, sneezing has ruined every wedding plan in SA for 2020. That doesn’t mean you can’t still take notes for your big day… even if it’s only arriving in 2021 thanks to COVID-19. In the meantime, Afrikaans lifestyle channel VIA (DStv 147) will be walking you up the aisle while you’re locked-down at home. They’ve given Canadian series Crazy, Beautiful Weddings some local flavour as the Afrikaans-dubbed Mal-Mooi Troues.

“A wedding is your chance to throw the party of your dreams. Love is awesome, and your wedding should be too!” says host Lynzie Kent. She’s not doing things by the books, instead she is sitting down with her couples to put together their dream day. Her goal? “My team and I are creating crazy, beautiful weddings,” says Lynzie on the show. And they’re doing it in the blink of an eye – each episode is a quick 22 minutes. How do they do it? Fabulosity, darlings!

Putting together the perfect day

Perish the thought of someone ruining your wedding by objecting to one of you swapping vows. That’s the one and only thing that Lynzie can’t plan for. What she can control is the loved-up couple being the centre of attention, and she knows what she’s doing. The Canadian wedding planner runs Love By Lynzie Events and Pop Up Chapel. While she’s good with over-the-top, dramatic ceremonies, it’s the littler ones with delicate touches that she’s best at. “With the chapel, each couple is paying $600. For that, they get an officiant, ceremony space, custom flowers, live musicians, champagne and up to 20 guests,” explains Lynzie. “And a photographer – can’t forget the photographer.”


Custom & creative

Remember car customising show Pimp My Ride, which ran from 2004 to 2007 with rapper Xzibit as the host? He’d find someone who needed help with their car, take it to his pals at West Coast Customs and they’d work their magic. And as cool as the rides were afterwards, the team meeting was always the best as the crew huddled round, pitched ideas and boss Ryan would say “yes, I like it, let’s customise it!”

Mal-Mooi Troues is kinda like that – Lynzie and her crew sit in their shop, pitch ideas based on the couple’s meeting with her, and then she gets to work. Don’t expect any wild rides or outlandish themes a la Pimp My Ride, though. “We keep it custom but we also keep it sensible,” says Lynzie. “We like going modern and clean, yet what they want. Sometimes we’ll do lilacs and lavenders with a butter yellow, other brides will want the full spectrum from peach through to bright pink. That’s bold.” That doesn’t mean she’s opposed to something out of the ordinary. She reveals that one boho-chic bride came “with the strangest colour scheme. We’d actually never seen it before: rich teals, light green and pops of bright red.”


Many hands, light work

Weddings don’t come together overnight, even the micro ceremonies using Lynzie’s Pop Up Chapel business. There’s tons of planning, filming and editing that goes into each 22-minute episode. And while Lynzie is the star of the show, she has a trusted team behind her who get their hands dirty. In episode 1, they get covered in glue making a 3m x 3m backdrop that says “kick off your dancing shoes” while gluing 50 spray-painted shoes to the artboard that Lynzie picked up at second-hand and charity shops. “We often do big décor items that have big impact. We want guests to be wowed by the drama,” says the wedding star. Décor doesn’t need to be pricy to be perfect – the team use cardboard cut-outs and stencils in every single episode, and the wedding looks amazing.

Lynzie and her team don’t do everything themselves, though. They have tried, tested and trusted crews to work with. As long as they match the couple’s original request, it’s all good. “This is our name and we have a vision, based on their vision, and we want to see it all come together,” says Lynzie. “We want every wedding to be something better than the previous, something to live up to, and a new experience for the guests. We worry about everything from installations being done on time, to our design living up to the expectations of the bride and groom.”

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