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Dive deeper into Skhothane sub-culture with Don Dada and the crew

There’s having a side-hustle, and then going full-hustle … and nothing epitomises hustle like the skhothane scene in South Africa’s townships. Homeboys in their silk shirts, Italian shoes, Johnnie Walker Blue. From Kathehong to Tembisa, from Eldorado Park to Soweto. Skhothane is all about the threads, the dance-offs, vula boot in the parks—born-frees with money on their mind, and their mind on the money.

It’s for Don Dada and his crew of new-age skhothanes, who reign supreme on the scene with their Material Culture show on DStv, it’s a way of life. Now, after a successful first season on DStv, fans of the Don can watch the Material Culture boxset on Catch Up and DStv Now.

Siya Phanda - it’s all about the money

“People think skhothanes steal money, but we hustle,” says Don Dada, on financing his colourful lifestyle. The chief-whip of the Material Culture crew has collab’ed with DMD Italiana on the DMDxDonDada range, brightly coloured caps, spotties and Italian shirts. He also handles merchandising for the Sula Africa events, while other crew members perform, sell gear street-side and even own their own taxis.

“When I make money I try to invest it,” says Don Dada, “but I also enjoy it. Our true colours will show when we are billionaires!”

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Eintlek Siya-Mosha - it’s all about the moves

Dance is the lifeblood of the Skhothane culture, “it’s entertaining, just like pantsula, because it represents the kasi,” says the Don. And if dance is the lifeblood, then the Sula Africa is the heartbeat.

“We turn the place upside down and we don’t sit down!” Skhothanes have evolved beyond pantsula, bujwa and hip-hop, with signature moves like Mlume Bobby, Vaah and shooting videos of dance moves in the streets.

Check out this playlist inspired by skhothane moves:

Siya Kotha - it’s all about the look

Skhothanes like to make the most colourful, most expensive fashion statements, with their unique mash-up of Italian luxury with Afro culture.

“Silk shirts, Versace, Florsheim, Brentwood, wearing a blanket... We also wear shades and 925 sterling silver chains, curl and dye our hair… we love colours.”

Kabelo Pitso, also known as Material Golden, says the skhothane look is about mix and match, yi’lama combo, heads and tails, as long as it’s from the same designer label.

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