Mo and Mome are back for more

She’s the Jada to his Will…okay no, let’s try again. She’s Mome and he’s Mo, and they’re back with another reality show on Mzansi Magic.

We love him because he’s funny and thinks he can get away with anything as long as it’s wrapped in humour, and we love her because she doesn’t let him get away with anything. Comedian and television personality Mongezi Mahlangu, fondly known as Tol A$$ Mo (thanks to his height), and his stylist and designer wife Mome will return to our screens this month. No strangers to letting cameras follow them, Mome and her husband had their first reality show, Mo Love, on VUZU.

According to comedy king Steve Harvey, comedian’s wives don’t find them funny. Tol A$$ Mo would agree - even though his bread and butter is making people laugh, Mome would beg to differ. Their love has stood the test of time under the scrutinising eye of the media so surely he knows how to make her laugh? And if he wasn’t funny, would he have performed on the DStv Comedy Circuit or at the Blacks Only comedy event?

The show promises to be authentic and fun — we’ll see the family drama, the reality of raising kids and sharing responsibility, building the business brand and never forgetting that through all the madness and the glam, they are still a couple and theirs is a love that Mzansi wants to see.

Mo and Mome starts on Sunday 20 October on Mzansi Magic (161) at 20:00
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