“A mother, a wife and the way to a man’s heart.”

The age-old saying about the way to a man’s heart being through his stomach remains true, but what happens when you throw a spanner in the works? Many people think their mother is best cook ever, and this show puts that statement to a real test. This is the feistiest cooking show you never knew you needed.

On Mom Vs. Wife: Zambia, airing every Wednesday at WAT 17:30 | CAT 18:30 | EAT 19:30, TV presenter Jonah Dingindaba hosts a wife and her mother-in-law in an epic battle to prepare the top dish – but there’s a twist. Who knows the way to a man’s heart best? His wife or his mother? In each episode of this cooking competition, a man’s wife and his mother must both cook his favourite meal. They get an equal amount of time to prepare a dish to the best of their abilities. In the course of the episode we get a better understanding of what the relationship between his mother and his wife is like, both with him and with each other. He will taste their dishes blindfolded and choose his favourite. The woman who has whipped up the best dish, wins.

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