VIA’s Vreemde Vriende takes a dive into connecting with your social media friends

Some of us aren’t as eager to meet new people, but Vreemde Vriende, Du Preez Strauss, shows us how! Watch it on DStv.

Imagine you could meet some of the friends you have on Facebook. That’s exactly what Du Preez Strauss (41) does in the fascinating series, Vreemde Vriende, which is back for a 13-episode third season on VIA (147).

In every episode, Du Preez, who has amassed a massive number of Facebook friends (5 000 – the maximum number the platform currently allows for a personal account), picks one to visit, profile and get to know in real life. Off the beaten track, Du Preez shows us the wonderful and widely diverse South Africans and their interesting and not-often-seen lifestyles and peculiar hobbies.

From some famous friends to seemingly ordinary, yet utterly extraordinary people, Du Preez goes behind the façade of Facebook posts and glossy photos to find out “if what you post is really what you live”, as he steps into their world. And the best part… his friends welcomes him with open arms.

“I’ve always been terribly interested in all art forms – from visual art to music, film and fashion. And I’m exceptionally interested in the philosophy behind art. My TV show relates to this: I see social media as a type of modern art which reflects our reality and shapes the reflection of ourselves. That’s why I decided to go look up some of the strangers whom I’m friends with on social media in their real lives and to find out more about their very interesting lives,” Du Preez said in an interview.

“I’m so privileged that it’s what I get to do every day for my TV series – to hang out with the most unbelievable people! A lot of people have asked me whether I don’t want celebrities on my show and I always say ‘no’. Ordinary people doing amazing stuff with their lives; it’s the most inspiring thing on Earth.”

When he’s not filming episodes of Vreemde Vriende, Du Preez tours internationally as an orchestra conductor for The Lion King Musical. In this new season, viewers will see him travel to Piketberg to meet the Rastafarian Izak. He will also visit Auntie Nina in Potchefstroom, who drives daily on her red scooter to feed over 3 000 feral cats, as well as the “vampire” Havoc in Centurion and he does ballet with Kirvan from Macassar in Cape Town.

Watch season 3 of Vreemde Vriende on Fridays from 15 November on VIA (147) at 20:00

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