It’s hard sometimes to really appreciate your family members – especially when they are driving you up the wall! A new perspective is sometimes needed to get you back to really loving that little sister or brother teasing you, or Mom and Dad nagging you – especially if you’re a teenager. And that is why VIA’s (DStv 147) new reality swap series Myne Vir Joune is the perfect dose of perspective that you need to watch.

Two family members swap with members from another family for four days with the goal of enriching the families lives they are visiting. “Each of the guest pairs gets R5,000 to help the family they are staying with in a meaningful way, on an emotional, spiritual or financial level,” explains Amor Engelbrecht, producer of Myne Vir Joune.

“The families open up their hearts to each other, and usually they leave this experience with new friends for life, but in other cases they become archenemies,” adds Amor – because what is a reality show without some drama?

The Rules

Thorough background checks, including criminal records, are done for each of the contestants before they can participate in this 13-episode series. This ensures the safety of all those involved especially because you are allowing strangers in your home.

“As part of the rules, each of the contestants also signs a waiver form for themselves and their kids, informing them of the potential risks by participating in the swap activity,” says Retha Bornmann, head of marketing for the VIA channel.

Contestants are also free to leave at any moment while filming takes place especially if they’re not comfortable in the house where they’re staying as guest family members.


The twist

The series was filmed in the Western Cape and the swap-visits takes place from a Saturday ’til a Tuesday. “On Saturday and Sunday, the guest pairs move into the swap-family’s home, and take the time to get to know them and get insight into their lives,” says Amor. “Monday and Tuesday, the guest pair get the chance to use the knowledge they have obtained the past two days to use the R5,000 to help and change the swap family’s lives.”

At the end of four days, the guests get to leave a video message for the returning members in which they talk about their experience and, in some cases, give advice on how the returning members can treat their loved ones better – and that isn’t always well received…

A twist that adds to the excitement and drama is that the swap experience includes families from different backgrounds, social status, religion and cultural backgrounds. For example, a vegan family will swap with meat lovers, while city slickers will swap with suburbanites or even farmers.


Contestants share their experience

Henk Otto and his 18-year old son, Joshua, took part in the show, as did Marizaan Bredenkamp and her 12-year old daughter, Irishin - and the pairs had rather different takes on the experience.

Marizaan and Irishin, who’re from Paarl, swapped with two members of the Visser family, who farm lucerne and corn in the Wellington region. “I was pleasantly surprised by this experience,” says Marizaan, who made a real connection with the Visser family. “They taught me a lot, especially how important it is to empower your children to be independent and stand on their own two feet.”

Henk and Joshua from Somerset-West swapped with the Venters from Durbanville. “They are members of the Shofar Church, and they stay in a large commune house with other members of the church,” says Henk. “Things were a bit awkward, but not so much as for my family back at home, who got the Venter husband and son as visitors. Without saying too much, my wife was profoundly grateful when Joshua and I returned,” says Henk cryptically.

It’s interesting to see how they guests implement the cash boost to their hosts’ lives, which plays out wonderfully on Tuesday nights. And while you’re grabbing popcorn, latch onto a box of tissues, too – Myne Vir Joune is a viewing gem that will make you appreciate what you’ve got… or help fix what’s broken.

Watch Myne Vir Joune on Tuesdays on VIA (DStv147) at 20:30, stream the latest episodes with DStv Now, and for more Myne Vir Joune news, videos and more, checkout the VIA website 

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