Former lovers are brought together in an apartment to dissect their issues over one night. Will these exes get to have their cake and eat it too, or will they just let bygones be bygones?

What if you had one more night with your ex?

Ever had your heart broken for no good reason? Then this is the show for you!

In February, 1Magic put out a call to lonely singles, scorned lovers, and deserted dreamers who wanted their mysteries of lost love resolved. The result is One Night with My Ex, 1Magic’s newest relationship reality show, starting on 19 April.

No-one wants a good relationship to end. But it happens. We get that. And most grown-ups know it’s not healthy to “channel all this nice grief into a murderous rage”, as Billy Crystal puts it in Analyze This. So we grieve, we rant, we pine, we eat a whole jar of peanut butter while sobbing over reruns of Friends on Showmax, and eventually, we get over it. But what if you can’t? Having your heart broken is one thing, but not knowing why or understanding the reasons it fell apart is a slow burn that can turn joy to ashes over the years.

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Getting closure has been at the top of therapy “to do” lists since psychologist Jerome Kagan suggested back in the 70s that “uncertainty resolution” is one of the biggest motivating factors behind our behaviour. In fact, most people will go so far as to choose unhappiness over uncertainty, says author Tim Ferriss.

Human beings want answers. We need to know why things are the way they are. Especially if those things cause us heartache.

So what could be better than getting a couple of exes together, sticking them in an apartment for the night, and letting them sort out their split. Will they work through their baggage, start up all the old fights … or will there be fireworks of a different kind?

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With 13 instalments and two couples per episode, we’re bound to see it all. Some just want answers – to know what went wrong and maybe find closure, forgiveness or vindication. And some might still be holding a candle for that old flame, hoping for a second chance with the one that got away.

One Night With My Ex is a reality show about ordinary people in search of closure. It’s about love, disappointment, heartache and second chances,” says Reneilwe Sema, Director of Local Entertainment Channels at M-Net.

With the first episode entitled “Are You Still a Virgin?”, it sounds like the show will be asking all the hard questions. But will the answers be what the participants want to hear?

Watch One Night With My Ex on Fridays on 1Magic (103) at 19:00.
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