Not everyone receives the closure they are searching for when a relationship ends. In a unique social experiment, 21 participants ask their ex-lovers to meet with them for a final chance at resolving their past issues and, hopefully, rekindling their romance. Season 1 of locally adapted dating reality show One Night With My Ex is doing just that, starting on Saturday, 18 April on Mzansi Magic (161) at 19:30.

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The former couples come face-to-face for the first time since their break-up, to relive the painful memories that led to the end of their relationship. Be it dishonesty, infidelity and insecurities – and they are locked in an apartment together while they sort things out, putting their emotions on the table as the cameras zoom in.

There are a thousand questions running through their minds when they first meet. But the one that matters most is “will you spend the night with me?”. This could go either way. If the ex agrees, they reminisce about the past and talk about the possibilities of picking up where they left off. Or the ex could decline the offer and walk out the door for good. In some instances, the ex-lovers spend the evening together but decide on a friendship instead. There’s tension, tears and sometimes, smiles. More than anything, each episode is unpredictable and will keep you on the edge of your seat. Here are five scandalous reasons you need to tune in:

There’s nothing cute about a crazy ex

There’s nothing wrong with an ex reaching out for closure. The issue is when they become borderline obsessed. We’re introduced to Thapelo (23) and his ex-girlfriend Zinhle (22), who were once inseparable. She was always his plus-one at his DJing gigs and they’d go club-hopping together. But things took an extreme left turn when she showed her jealous side.

Although Thapelo dumped Zinhle, she kept appearing everywhere he’d go. Zinhle is certain that her charm and seductive eyes will win Thapelo back. She shouldn’t hold her breath, though. This man seems like he’s had enough of her antics.

There are downsides to revenge cheating

Instead of ending things, some of the couples would rather cheat on each other until their exhaust all possibilities in their romance. But including more people in the already rocky romance is recipe for disaster, like when high school sweethearts Kego (29) and Ernest’s (30) relationship was ruined by their constant lying and deceit in episode 2.

They both had arm partners and the next thing Kego knew, Ernest was sleeping around with her close friends. However, the last straw in their relationship was when she later fell pregnant with another man’s child. “You’re the one who showed me that in this relationship we cheat,” says Kego with her eyebrows raised. She believes that an evening together could help them fix their problems and they could get back to being on speaking terms.

Closet cases cause chaos

Ongeziwe (26) will wish that she didn’t reopen the chapter with her ex-boyfriend Thulani (27) in episode 9. They haven’t formally ended things because Thulani blocked her on social media platforms and he’s been ignoring her calls. When he walks in, she greets him with hug and a kiss, but there’s tension from his side because he is hiding a secret: he is gay.

The revelation is too much for Ongeziwe to handle. She begins to gasp for breath and grows restless by the second. Thulani is lucky that she doesn’t have a heart-attack then and there. He should’ve confessed the truth long before she created a fantasy about their relationship in her head.

Don’t bring knives to a petty fight

Things between Troy (25) and his ex-boyfriend Quevewin (27) went downhill following an intense argument. Troy pulled a knife on Quevewin and it ruined any chances of a possible reunion. Although Troy sought professional help for his anger issues, Quevewin has already moved on.

Own up or lose out

Begging and pleading doesn’t always guarantee a reunion, like when Caroline (23) refuses to listen to anything that her ex-boyfriend Tshego (26) has to say. She isn’t convinced that he has changed his player ways and that is because he refuses to own up to his mistakes. She leaves him hanging and never looks back!

One Night With My Ex S1 starts on Saturday 18 April on Mzansi Magic (161) at 19:30 

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