Africa has some of the most vibrant wedding cultures in the world. Whether east, south, west or north, the celebration of love and family is an important ritual in many African countries.

What happens when we roll back the tapes and revisit some of the most iconic wedding moments from your favourite series?

On OPW: The Remix, airing Thursdays and Fridays at 18:30 WAT, 19:30 CAT and 20:30 EAT on HONEY (DStv channel 173), viewers look at the most iconic Our Perfect Wedding moments over the years. With a focus on couples from across the continent, we round up the most interesting customs, the most memorable cake dramas, the bridezillas and the most snazzy-looking grooms.

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In each episode, several couples share stories of their memorable day. From how they met, to catering drama on the day of the wedding and family fights in the lead-up to the big day, nothing is off the table. This fast-paced series highlights what you may have missed over the years, as we press the rewind button. OPW: The Remix is nothing short of wonderful, weird and emotional, all in one sitting.

Watch OPW: The Remix Thursdays and Fridays at 18:30 WAT, 19:30 CAT and 20:30 EAT on HONEY (DStv channel 173)

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