Are your knives sharp? Have you swotted up your spaghetti? Is your palate trained to create the perfect balance between spices, produce and meat? Foodies and wanna-be chefs, if you can’t stand the heat, stay out of the TV room because Sjefhuis S2 kicks off on Monday, 29 March on VIA (DStv channel 147) at 17:30.

Esteemed South African chef Bertus Basson has once again agreed to take an aspiring young chef under his wing and train them in an internship – which is part of the big prize, including R50,000 in cash, in this food reality competition series.

As host of the show, actress Crystal-Donna Roberts is also back to offer the 8 new participants support as they get cracking behind the pots to impress chef Bertus.

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How It Works

In each episode, the 8 aspiring chefs will compete in culinary challenges that chef Bertus will sample and judge. From a perfectly cooked steak or soft-boiled eggs, to melt-in-the-mouth dessert, these young chefs will have to know it all to avoid being eliminated at the end of each episode.

A dramatic twist in the show is that the 8 young chefs all live under 1 roof while they take part in the series – which means things don’t just get heated in the kitchen… “There is going to be a brand-new dose of drama in the house as the competition between the chefs intensifies,” says Crystal-Donna.

“They are all serious and passionate about their love for food and to make a successful career out of it. And they will fight for their place and the chance to stay to the end.”


Crystal-Donna (left) encourages chef Danette while she prepares her dish. 

Meet the young chefs

Here are the 8 young chefs who will battle it out in S2 of Sjefhuis:


Lulu (19)

Qualification: Diploma, Culinary Institute of Cape Town
Kitchen experience: 3 months
Home: Belhar, Western Cape

Lulu is the youngest contestant in the competition, but don’t underestimate her. She is a stickler for detail and knows how to cook.


Mandré (20)

Qualification: Management Diploma, Capsicum Culinary Studio
Kitchen experience: 3 years
Home: Loevenstein, Western Cape

As the peacemaker in the house, Mandré avoids conflict, which frustrates some of the other chefs. But in the kitchen, he pulls out all the stops to show he is here to win!


Danette (22)

Qualification: Diploma, Capital Hotel School & Training Academy
Kitchen experience: 2 years
Home: Richards Bay, KwaZulu-Natal

Danette is down to earth, and her love of cooking takes precedence. She likes to take interesting chances with the challenges.


Dylan (23)

Qualification: Diploma, Lord Signature Hotel School
Kitchen experience: 3 months
Home: Kempton Park, Gauteng

As a hard worker, Dylan is an asset in the kitchen, but he must stand his ground against the other chefs who try to abuse his gentle nature.


Luzaan (23)

Qualification: Chef’s Diploma, Institute of Culinary Arts (ICA)
Kitchen experience: 1 year
Home: Paarl, Western Cape

Luzaan is very willing and the supportive ear in the house, but she also uses shared information to her advantage – so tread wisely, chefs!


Monique (23)

Qualification: Chef’s Diploma, SA Chefs Academy
Kitchen experience: 2 years
Home: Stellenbosch, Western Cape

Monique’s quiet and calm personality hides that she’s a formidable opponent that others should be wary of…


Theo (23)

Qualification: Chef’s Diploma, The Hurst Campus
Kitchen experience: 4 years
Home: Potchefstroom, North-West

Theo’s confidence intimates the other chefs. Will he show them how it is done, or will his confidence be his undoing?


Shane (24)

Qualification: Diploma, False Bay College
Kitchen experience: 4 years
Home: Tafelsig, Western Cape

Shane’s bossy and honest attitude is a great source of friction and drama in the house, and it would be wise to watch out for him.


Shane gets fancy in the kitchen and flames his steak. 

Sharing in the knowledge and success

“Chef Bertus knows about food,” says Crystal-Donna with confidence. “And that’s why he’s so successful in his businesses and shows on TV.”

Apart from Sjefhuis, Bertus will also make his debut on kykNET (DStv channel 144) later this year in the brand-new reality series In Die Sop: Restaurant Evolusie where he will help 10 restaurant owners turn around their ailing businesses into thriving empires.

Bertus has achieved many successes, but he admits that he has also made mistakes. “I want to share my insights and experience with the pupils in Sjefhuis and the restaurant owners in the kykNET series, and my hope is that it will inspire them,” he says.

Watch Sjefhuis S2 from Monday, 29 March on VIA (DStv channel 147) at 17:30 

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