A student who’s been in a coma since the night of his Matric farewell two years earlier shows signs of waking up. But instead of rejoicing and calling Carte Blanche, a couple of people start looking spooked, sweaty and shifty. But why?

A brand-new mystery is unfolding on Tuesday nights on kykNET (DStv 144) in S2 of the whodunnit series Spoorloos: Heksejag. “Each season of Spoorloos is unique and separate from the previous one (watch the first season on Showmax),” says series creator Ilse van Hemert. “We call it an anthology series, like American Horror Story in the States, which has a new story and characters for each season.”


“This time, no one is innocent,” warns Ilse. “Each character is guilty of something (big or small) in the mystery that surrounds the lead character, Adam Prinsloo (Andahr Cotton), and the events that led to his car accident on the night of his Matric farewell and subsequent comatose state for two years.”

The plot thickens once Adam regains consciousness (episode 1 – watch it on Catch Up) and the guilty parties start scrambling to keep their secrets, especially from Adam.

As the story develops over the following 10 weeks, though, the truth will slowly come to light – and when it does, it will set not just Adam free, but the whole community of the fictional town of Buffelsdrift. Until then, the witch hunt continues…


No broom required

In Spoorloos: Heksejag, no broomstick, potions or witchcraft will be needed to solve the mystery. “Viewers must not get confused by us using the word ‘Heksejag’ or ‘witch hunt’. It has nothing to do with the supernatural,” warns Ilse. Well, almost nothing. The witch’s broom is a red herring.

A witch hunt is defined as a campaign directed against a person or group holding views considered unorthodox or a threat to society. “And that is what is part of the storyline, especially with another mystery surrounding a group of schoolgirls in Buffelsdrift who were suspected of witchcraft. Two girls ended up dead and one disappeared without a trace,” reveals Ilse. The girls had nothing to do with witchcraft. Despite that, the people of Buffelsdrift find this very hard to believe, and they’ve been spreading rumours about it instead.

The mysteries surrounding Adam and ones surrounding the missing girls are actually intertwined. How and why seems to be the big questions driving this season. The most important question of all: Why do the townsfolk, especially Adam’s dad, Frans (Gérard Rudolf), do everything in their power to ensure Adam doesn’t find answers to what happened that fateful night?


Who’s who clues

Blink and you’ll miss them clues are scattered throughout as the storyline develops. Here are three people to keep an eye on at all times:

Mother? In episode 1, we saw flashbacks to when Adam was 10, with his mom, Heleen (Ilse-Lee van Niekerk). He cries out to her when he wakes from his coma, only to hear from Frans that Heleen is no longer with them… or is she? A mysterious woman with strawberry-blonde hair is seen trying to visit Adam in the hospital right after his accident and again after he finally wakes up in the care facility. Could this be his mom?

Christa: Student physiotherapist Christa (Lee Visagie) has been there every step of the way since Adam’s accident, and she’s been nursing Adam back to health. “Christa is Adam’s guardian angel,” says Ilse. “She has a strange connection with Adam and because of this, she also crosses a line by tampering with the assignment sheet of the hospital to get her name on Adam’s care list.” It makes you wonder whether you can really trust her – is Christa an angel or a witch?

Dr Geoff Lombard (Johan Baird), Adam’s GP from Buffelsdrift is also a suspicious character as it’s revealed that he has been keeping tabs on Adam since he fell into a coma. “Geoff is anything but happy about Adam’s recovery, and he is even more invested in keeping Adam from remembering what happened the night of the Matric farewell,” says Ilse cryptically.

Short and sweet

While we’re busy trying to work things out, Ilse and her team will be hard at work on S3 and S4 of Spoorloos, thanks to an enthusiastic “yes, please, more,” from kykNET viewers. Each of the coming seasons will have only 8 episodes. “I kept the episode-run shorter than the usual 13, as it gets harder to keep the viewers interested in the mystery. If you drag it out for too long, they will lose interest and that can defeat the purpose of a whodunnit,” explains Ilse.

Watch Spoorloos: Heksejag S2 on Tuesdays on kykNET (DStv 144) at 20:00 or binge on Catch Up. For more info on the show, visit the kykNET website

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