The winds of change are blowing through kykNET’s Suidooster this winter

It’s cold outside but kykNET is keeping things steamy on the Afrikaans weekday soapie Suidooster, with a romance getting hotter and a couple mending bridges.

Here are two big developing storylines to look out for in the coming few weeks:

1. That man in the suit …

Well, businessman Pierre Marais (Gérard Rudolf), who recently made his appearance in Ruiterbosch, is definitely looking as if he’s the new saviour of Suidooster Eiendomme, but what exactly are his intentions with Bridgette October (Denise Newman)?

This old family friend started helping the business as a consultant, and is getting closer and closer to Bridgette. Is a romance brewing? And isn’t it just a little too soon for Bridgette? Her husband is still lying in a care unit, after all.

We also have to wonder what Pierre’s plan is, really. Yes, Bridgette is starting to have feelings for him, but maybe she should heed the warnings from her sister Lee-Ann (Portia Joel) and from Tim (Marco Spaumer), who aren’t at all sure this budding romance is the right thing. Maybe it’s time Tim intervened …

2. Making plans for a baby, but …

Stefan (Gideon Lombard) is just back from jail, and sjoe, he’s been busy! Not only did he immediately want to have a new baby with Michelle (Greta Pietersen), he also asked her to marry him! And now he wants to buy a new dream home! What is going on in Stefan’s head?

When they got divorced last year, tension around having a baby was one of the big reasons. She’s had two miscarriages already. And now Stefan’s suddenly planning in vitro fertilisation? His plans for buying a house? His suggestion to postpone the wedding to focus on getting a home?

It’s starting to look as if Stefan is on his way to repeating all of the mistakes of the past, with far too much pressure being put on Michelle. Will Stefan see the error of his impulsive ways, or is the relationship between him and Michelle destined to end exactly like it did last time?

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