With 12 of the 21 castaways remaining, backstabbing and deception are becoming the order of the day. Tribe Sa’ula and tribe Ta’alo are no more – all the survivors have been merged into one tribe, which means new alliances are in the making. Will Geoff still be the mastermind in the new tribe, or will another leader rise from the ranks?

On the game of Survivor, it doesn’t matter who you are back home, the bottom line is, no one can be trusted.

Who will outwit, outlast and outplay the competition to become the Ultimate Survivor of The Island of Secrets?

What’s new in this season of Survivor South Africa

We are counting down the days until the seventh season of Survivor South Africa premieres on M-Net.

Survivor SA: Philippines was so outrageously good that our expectations are going to be super high this season. The good news is, everything we’ve seen so far is suggesting that Survivor SA: Island of Secrets is going to smash it out of the ballpark. Here are some juicy details of what’s in store for you on the local reality series this winter.

A brand-new twist

You heard right! This season there is a whole new element to the game - the Island of Secrets! This remote isle is a place of banishment and redemption. Players can be sent to the island for 24 hours by their tribe or if they perform badly in a challenge. While they’re there, they’ll be missing out on any strategising happening in their absence, but they’ll also be privy to an advantage - like a reward or a clue for a hidden immunity idol. “The Island of Secrets has added a huge twist to the game. You think you have everything figured out, and then someone gets sent to the island and everything changes,” says Executive Producer Handrie Basson.

Three tribes instead of two

For the first time in Survivor South Africa, the 21 castaways will be separated into three tribes instead of the usual two. Three tribes of seven players means three original alliances that could run the course of the 39-day game and have a huge impact on votes. Tune in for the one-and-a-half hour premiere to see who’ll be in which tribe.

Contestants with credentials

There are big personalities, muscular bodies and impressive titles in this season’s pool of castaways. Look out for an Olympic athlete, Mrs Cape Town 2018, a Harley-riding single mum, a former Miss Namibia and a joint-smoking hedonist from Somerset West!

Check out the Official M-Net Survivor South Africa page for the latest interviews from the Island of Secrets

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