The Bachelor SA returns to M-Net 101 for a spicy second season on Thursday, 13 February at 19:00 with a 90-minute-long premiere episode. Audiences are already talk about the easy-on-the-eye, mature, witty, energetic, smart, adventurous and compassionate, globe-trotting action man Marc Buckner, who is ready to share his journey to find love with the world.

Each week, audiences will watch as Marc gets to know 22 South African beauties on a quest to find his love. According to Lani Lombard, Head of Publicity at M-Net, a group of diverse, gorgeous, standout individuals with different personalities and looks were chosen to participate - each of whom is a potential love match for Marc.

“Fans will adore them all, for different reasons, from the word go,” she says. “In fact, our first arrival on the red carpet will set the scene for another must-watch season of The Bachelor SA,” she says.

Bachelor Corner: Meet Marc’s ladies

Getting to know Marc

Does 36-year-old Marc Brent Buckner look familiar? You may recognise him from the many commercials he’s appeared in for prominent brands. Now a multiple property owner, currency trader and investor, Marc has also tested his acting chops in small parts in a music videos and movies. “It opened many doors for me, allowed me to visit exotic places and meet many interesting people,” Marc says.

Still an avid traveller today, Marc is often found exploring foreign destinations - often in the company of one of his favourite people in the world, his mom. “I love the outdoors. Hiking, kayaking, snorkelling, sky-diving or enjoying a "picnic with a view” are some of my favourite things to do.”

It’s just as important to him to build trusting, close relationships. Cooking a meal alongside a loved one and having meaningful conversation over a glass of wine near a crackling fireplace is right up his alley. Another bonus for the ladies: he loves DIY projects and even builds his own furniture. Growing his own vegetable garden is on his to-do-list for when he finds “the one” and starts his own family.

Says Marc: “Becoming The Bachelor gives me the opportunity to meet my other half. I have no preconceived ideas of who this woman should be. Sometimes opposites attract and I can’t wait to invest quality time in getting to know the diverse group of powerful South African ladies who are as keen as I am to put their hearts on the line for love on a television show.

“He puts his heart and soul into everything he does. He really is husband material,” says M-Net’s Lani Lombard.

A fairytale ending

In Thursday, 28 May’s special season finale of M-Net’s popular reality dating series The Bachelor SA, Bachelor Marc Buckner (37) handed the final rose and beautiful Jack Friedman ring to shy speech therapist Marisia van Wyk (24) as a symbol of his love and commitment. The dreamy fairy-tale moment took place behind a spectacular African sunset, at the five-star luxury game reserve, Kapama.

During the final Rose Ceremony, Marc had the tough choice of choosing between his final two ladies, Bridget and Marisia. In an interview with Jason, Marc mentioned that he will be basing his final decision on whether he can see himself growing and having a family with the chosen one. Unfortunately for 31-year-old travel agent Bridget, her love journey with Marc had come to an end.

During the intense emotional break-up, Marc reminisced on their journey together and why he fell in love with her before breaking the devastating news, “But, our journey does end here,” he said. Bridget was at a loss for words and held back the tears as she thanked Marc and wished him and Marisia well.

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As Marisia arrived – ambivalent of what was about to happen – Marc knew that he made the right decision. Marc looked into her eyes and confessed his love for her, “Marisia, you know the first thing I noticed is how beautiful you are. And then, you made it so difficult to get to know you, cause you ran away from me. And then we went on our dates together, and every second I spent with you I wanted to spend more time with you, and that date when you came off the horse, it triggered something in me and I realised how much I care for you. I think we make a great couple. And, I don’t want this journey to end with you.” He reached for his pocket and pulled out a gorgeous custom-designed pear-shaped one-carat diamond ring from Jack Friedman and said “I really am falling for you, and I want to ask if you will accept this as a symbol of a relationship that I think is so amazing and I would like it to keep going forward,” to which an emotional Marisia responded, “I will”.

A romantic kiss followed and her confession of love “Okay, so, uhm wow, I don’t have words. I think I came onto this journey, and uhm yoh it’s been tough. But if anything, I’ve really fallen for you. And, I don’t know, there’s just something with you that I have never felt with anyone before, which is good for me. And I know there is this age gap, but it doesn’t really mean anything to me because I think my feelings for you mean so much more. So, I just want to focus on that and focus on us and then hopefully grow together,” and emotional Marisia said before they romanced into the sunset.

The fairy-tale continues for the loveable couple, who have been spending lockdown together, “We both thought it would be a great idea to move in together during lockdown. Because you know, when you’re not seeing each other and it’s the beginning of a relationship, it’s hard to build that trust and to have that trust going without knowing that that person’s there. Because you can imagine, any relationship, in the beginning, you spend as much time together as possible,”. Viewers also got a sneak peek into their lives, as Marc and Marisia shared special video moments of their daily routine and what they have been up to since their dreamy moment in Kapama.

Looking back…

Marisia’s thoughts on being the one: “I think back and for me, this whole journey was such a rollercoaster but in the end, I found so much stability. You were never sure of where you stood with Marc, but when Marc and I said you know we wanted to know each other better, it opened up my heart completely. Ever since then I think we’ve grown as individuals but also together and for me that’s such an important thing. Not only growing together but also encouraging each other to grow as individuals. And I think that for me is one of the biggest things and that’s why I really hold onto this relationship. I really want this and I want to fight for this and I would go to the end of the world for this to work out because I do feel like my heart is really here and I don’t want to be anywhere else,”.

Marc on no longer being a Bachelor: Marc is pleased to no longer be South Africa’s most eligible bachelor. He is looking forward to the journey ahead and just experiencing life – just the two of them – “there’s a lot to happen, but I’m very happy with how we are, together,” he said.

Bridget on being rejected: Bridget is happy and wishes Marc and Marisia well. “It’s been so long since that happened in my life that I did cry a lot, I mean of course I was upset. It’s only natural and normal for me to be upset about the situation. I’ve had the time to kind of heal and move on and ja, I’m in a good place and I’m happy and I’m happy for them and I love both of them. So ja, I’m not angry. I don’t want to fight with him, because I don’t hate you, Marc,” she said candidly during an interview with Marc and Jason.

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